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I was talking to Kev about ideas for Youtube and he said that I’ve been doing this blog now for nearly a year and I could just do that on a camera instead and it’d be enough to start a channel.

It made me think and he’s right really, if I set up a place to sit and talk I could go into these things quite easily on there and it’d save you the hassle of reading the words on the page…

One thing that struck me as an idea was that I could actually do a bit of both worlds.

I could continue to write here, but also pick up some of the topics from old posts and do videos on them.

Not like a word for word read out of what I already said, but if I made a video about a specific topic, eg the time I wrote about how it would be cool if Mario and Sonic were being trained by their respective nemesis’ to beat a bigger threat.

That might appeal to people on YouTube, and would likely get more views than the article has here (which is still a number I’m happy with! I’ve had great feedback on that one especially).

I worry that some videos would be duds, much like some updates are.

Kev has assured me that isn’t really a big deal.

I guess though that’s the beauty of doing something like this daily, it becomes a routine all round and the highs and lows are part of that.

I’m nervous about doing it though, Kev says just start with a phone and go from there – but it feels like if the quality isn’t right then it’ll be frustrating – I imagine it would take a lot more time to edit a daily video than it does to edit a daily blog too, but that isn’t really something to sniff at too much since the numbers are much higher.

I’m not particularly desperate to do anything on YouTube, I enjoy writing – I just have this constant burning feeling that I should be doing more things and different things and focusing on whatever.

—– Caution, the rest of this is a bit of a whiney tangent —–

I think it feels more intense lately because we’re nearing the end of my wife’s maternity leave and so things feel more strained, but also it is making us both think about what we’re doing and how we’re basically working loads to then pay childcare to lock our kid away somewhere, whilst the other two are at school.

That all feels a bit sad to me, like I guess they have to go to school and nursery is good for the baby, but we could just as easily go on some crazy mad adventures and stuff like that.

I feel like I’m a little worried at the thought that my wife will go back to work in a month, then we’re basically waiting for my 6 month old to start school in 3 and a half years, so we don’t have the ridiculous nursery fees.

Then we’re a bit better off but we’re still just working until the kids move out one by one over the next 14 years from there.

Then we’re a lot better off, but still just cracking on, until retirement and grand kids become a thing and then death from old age happens and what?

We’d have spent 27 years raising our kids to adulthood, living by the tide of the summer holidays, a slave to nursery fees and nonsense like that.

I’ll be 50 when that tide ends!

I don’t know what my point is really, I guess it’s just that this has been a 12-18 months of different stuff going on because of the baby, but now it’s nearly over its making me realise that we’re into a new bit now where we’re all kind of trapped in the system of it all.

The system can’t really be deviated from, we can’t do anything unless it fits around the school holidays, we can’t do anything that affects all of that really.

I feel like my role now is to just grind out work hours so we can pay for stuff and make the best of our 18 years with the kids.ess

I guess I want to do things that both I and they will be proud of in that time, I’d like to think that by 50 I’d have a long list of things I’ll have done.

I deviated from my original point quite a bit there but I’m going to leave it in…

I think I’ve lost my mind a bit lately and reading that back it has made me think a bit.

I dread the inevitable plod through life, towards retirement.

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