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Sometimes I think my son and I must be the average Pokemon Go players as the game seems to ‘know’ when we need specific things and so far events have fallen in our favour rather frequently.

Just as I reach near 100% caught on a generation they release the next one.

Just as I was at absolute frustration on catching Mew Two they released EX Raid passes in a way that meant we got one.

This past week or so they’ve announced a Bublasaur event at the end of the month which is great, as my son is so far short of the final evo there that he will need to catch about 25 of them – where as I will enjoy the fun of just grinding through to catch special ones.

I spent the entire first 18 months of the game trying to find an Aerodactyl and finally did with the help of a friend.

But my son still hasn’t seen one and last night they announced raids with Aerodactyl in them, something the two of us can fight and beat together without anyone else.

They’ve also added in two more Pokemon he needs to cross off or catch plenty of, Exeggutor and Scyther.

On top of this they’ve just added in a double XP event which means that until March 16 we can grind and try to get his level caught up with mine.

It’s quite a well paced game really if you ask me.

People give Niantic a lot of grief, but they’ve managed to keep us just short of the cap despite us playing it constantly each day.

We have friends who are on level 40, just grinding through Pokemon and not levelling up, only playing it for the handful they’ve not yet caught.

I envy their dedication, but when I’m hunting 1 or 2 and nothing else it drives me insane!

Especially if it is an egg Pokemon and all I can do is keep grinding eggs until one happens to be what I want.

I keep reading the comments people post on the Niantic updates and people are so harsh.

They constantly moan that trading hasn’t been included, which is a good thing – trading would kill this game.

If we could trade, I’d send my son all the Pokemon he is missing and we’d be in the same boring boat, whereas now I can get excited about seeing a Pokemon HE doesn’t have because I know it’ll delight him in getting it.

The things I want most are apparently coming up:

  • Player vs Player Battles: I think my son and I will play this to death.
  • Quests: These need to be proper story driven quests and not ‘catch 5 Pokemon’ – if we can go hunting for objects and stuff like that then it’ll be great.
  • Mythical Pokemon: I hope these tie into the quests to be honest, it’ll drive me nuts if they’re just raid Pokemon or even worse EX Raid Pokemon.
  • That said, I think whilst I will find it frustrating if they do any of the above in a different way, perhaps their limitations will be beneficial.

    I don’t know what to expect in terms of battling, whether there will be a rank leader board and we can battle other people?

    In DC legends this is a really cool feature. You get a fight ‘token’ every hour, and can bank 10. So I can usually do 10 in a row, then wait till the night-time and do 10 more.

    You are ranked on your wins, and the more wins you have in a time period the higher the reward you get at the end of that period of time.

    This could be implemented in Pokemon Go quite well as in DC Legends you usually get ‘character tokens’ and often you need 20-100 to unlock a character and you can level that character up.

    In Pokemon Go you could make that candy – perhaps anyone with a battle score over 1000 gets 25 candy for a specific Pokemon that week, if their score is over 1250 they get more, and the best in the world get much higher amounts.

    This would be an incentive to build better teams and fight often.

    The battle system needs a 1 vs 1 local version though.

    I desperately want to be able to battle my son, he will love it. I’ll have to let him win most of the time, but still, it would be amazing.

    I think with the quests they could take a leaf out of games like the Family Guy and Futurama formats perhaps.

    Like if you do a battle maybe you need to collect a Pidgey feather and some silk from a Caterpie to unlock a specific item.

    A bit random I know, but those kind of quests would work alright, if they ensured the necessary Pokemon were readily available and spawning.

    I’ve mentioned before what I really want is to have Team Rocket grunts spawn on the map so you can travel to them and battle it out, beat them and receive rare candy or items.

    I’d like to work my way through the Team Rocket ranks and fight Butch, Cassidy, Jessie, James and Meowth, before fighting Giovanni the big boss man.

    I’d like them to bring in Pokemon Gyms from the games, make them really hard graft so I can travel through all the gyms from the games, getting my various badges.

    If they want to go full on nuts they could even include a Pokemon League for people who achieve all of the badges.

    They could have different types of set ups for it like maybe a regional, national and international competition…

    I’d like to think I could do OK although I guess it would be hard for this to work in the current battle style.

    To make the battles work properly they’d need to vary the move sets, add in buffs and debuffs.

    That is probably the 4th feature I’d like to see them add in fast – along with items like antidotes and paralysis cures.

    If every fighter is going in with a top IV Pokemon of the same type and set up then it’ll become much harder to compete because it will depend on people just dodging and hitting at the right times.

    It surprises me when people ask if this game is ‘still going’ as it has barely started, and there are so many features on the road map I think I’ll be doing a few more updates in the years ahead!

    I read the other day that Gen 4 wont be more than a few months away at this rate, which is great as I’m doing OK on Gen 3 right now.

    What features would you like to see? Do you play? How far are you on your Dex etc?

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