Going to London

Just a quick update today, to keep my run going more than anything!

I got a call last night inviting me to Wembley to see Spurs take on Rochdale in the FA Cup.

I jumped at the chance, and it sounds like once I’m there it’ll be awesome – it’s a business meeting type thing so we’re going to be in ‘Club Wembley’ which sounds cool, there’ll be food and drink, and the game should be good fun.

Since committing though the country has been submerged in about 1000 ft of snow, and driving in to work today was carnage.

It’s going to be at least -1 degrees so I’m wearing so many layers I’ll end up melting I think.

I’m getting the train about 4 ish, giving me enough time to navigate across town and through the cold, but on the way back it’ll be past midnight!

I’m concerned about how bad it’ll be that late.

My journey in this morning was ridiculous – people are still going nuts about my rant yesterday about the council’s poor efforts to grit and prepare the roads for this kind of weather.

The journey sheet says it’ll take over 2 hours to reach Wembley by train which seems long to me but I don’t doubt it.

So on the way back I’ll reach Peterborough about 12:30

I plan to spend that time catching Pokemon at each stop and playing on my phone, I wish I’d brought a comic along though!

I’m irritated by how anxious it makes me that I’m heading down there to hang out with mostly strangers, im sure it’ll be fine once we’ve broken the ice, and got stuck in to the football.

There’s not much conversation needed once the ball is in play, hopefully the people who have invited us will be Spurs fans, my boss is going and he isn’t!

As an aside to the above, the blog went over 30,000 reads earlier in the week – thank you!

I want to step up the topics and do something more interesting than my day-to-day ramblings now, any suggestions welcome!

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