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Whilst this is political, I don’t want it to seem like a bash against any particular party or group – my views tend to be more liberal and socialist in many areas, but I’d like to think I’m sensible enough that what I want is fair, rather than some kind of hate filled rant.

I’m part of a local group on Facebook where people from my home town congregate to rant or to discuss things that affect us all.

We’re at the edge of Lincolnshire, on the border to Cambridge, and often there are major things wrong with where we live, that people love to moan about, but hate to acknowledge when it comes to voting or complaining.

I like to point out that many of these issues are the fault of the local council, you always get some idiot who doesn’t understand why though!

Today the roads were so bad in Lincolnshire that we’re the only county who made the news because of crashes in the snow.

A mix if insufficient gritting, and idiot drivers, plus the fact that our roads are ridiculously under funded and riddled with pot holes led me to post a statement saying this is an outrage.

Most people agreed, but still some how there are people saying ‘they did lay grit’ – yes perhaps, but not enough.

That doesn’t excuse the fact that my car takes a daily beating driving through my home town, it feels like something out of The Simpsons – the money is not being spent!

When it comes to election time, I ask the same questions, who is going to fix this nonsense, and people don’t seem to care.

They’re so bent on voting for blue or red, or whichever nasty racist BNP party has popped up this year, that they don’t stop and look at the facts.

In the past few years, Lincolnshire has had a ton of major scandals.

The entire council, social care and some other pretty important departments were shut down due to a cyber attack that one of their top women said was ‘completely unavoidable’

I was so angry with that, considering I sell cyber security, and I know what is and isn’t avoidable.

They lost valuable services for 8 days because they were too cheap and ill-informed to buy the right cyber security solution to prevent the attack from occurring.

I know for a fact that other councils haven’t been this dumb.

People who follow Kev and Anna on his lollujo vlogs channel know how rubbish our local authority is for them.

We don’t have anywhere near the disability provisions that Nottingham has. The social services are a strained mess in our county.

I get more and more frustrated as time goes by here. We live in some kind of postcode lottery.

Our police are in the media today saying they’re on a cliff edge in terms of funding, stating:

“I am clear that we have made a compelling case to the Government that Lincolnshire is a historically underfunded police force and that’s the very strong case we’ll be making again over the next 12 months.”

Our NHS coverage is a joke according to figures obtained by a legal firm carrying out freedom of information requests:

“Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS), which is responsible for out-of-hospital community health services, recorded 233 serious incidents in the year 2016/17, higher than any other health trust in the county.”

I get that we have to ‘spend less’ but it feels like spending less can’t really be an option if we want to avoid major issues like this happening.

I wish there was a better answer. I don’t have the energy or brains to do anything political, I imagine I’d be torn apart if I tried!

My rant about the roads has had around 100 replies and you’d be shocked how many ignore the content and moan about the wording or the emotion behind some bits I said.

I just had to take someone apart for moaning that I was too casual about three people dying – firstly I was angry as hell, but secondly I just rattled off a ton of other things she should be more offended by than my choice of words.

I need to stop getting involved! People are too irritating – I want to say thick, but I know it isn’t always about intelligence, it could be that they misread, or that their perspective is different…

But my word it feels like they’re just thick some times and it upsets me greatly when I interact with people who are so slow minded that they should be ignored, but so loud and connected that they’re actually supported and it ends up with loads of them ganging up on me or other people hounding them because we don’t share their ill informed view.

Even worse those people probably think the same about me! What if I’m the thick one?!

I have to assume I’m not, because the arguments always end with me providing evidence and them ‘agreeing to disagree’ which is internet speech for ‘I’ve lost the debate, but I refuse to submit.’

I have a very deep love/hate relationship with the internet!

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