24/02/2018 – Pokemon Go Community Event – Dratini Day

Pokemon Community events became a thing last month with a Pikachu event where hundreds of them appeared with a special move.

(Surf – a throw back to the N64 era when you could photograph Pikachu on a surf board in Pokemon Snap)

There were extra incentives to catch more, like extra ‘star dust’ and experience, plus a shiny Pikachu that was gold instead of yellow.

It was a great day where my son and I drove around town for a few hours catching tons of them. Then they announced the day after that on the 24th of Feb (Today) they were doing a Dratini event.

Dratini is a dragon that evolves into one of the games more powerful Pokemon, Dragonite – a creature my son didn’t yet have.

There were also rumours of shiny pink ones and a shiny green Dragonite for those who were lucky enough to find them.

Today’s event was three hours long and my son and I drove round and round repeatedly within the 5-6 miles that Deeping sits in.

Between us we caught about 220 of them! My son genuinely cheered every one of the 96 he caught like they were his first.

He managed to find 4 shiny ones before I’d even found one, I was starting to get nervous because obviously he was catching some whilst I drove – I could only catch the ones where it was safe to park up and do so.

It was a lovely day, and ‘community events’ are becoming my favourite feature of playing Pokemon Go as much as my son and I do.

We saw lots of other players we’ve become friends with over the past year or so.

My mates from Essex were playing it in their respective home town, and when I go on Reddit there’s a huge list of threads devoted to it in the ‘Silph Road’ – an online community devoted to it.

In all there’d have been several million people playing – when the event started in America their servers had a rocky time adjusting to the influx of players.

It makes me laugh how many people say ‘Is that still a thing?! I thought that died ages ago!’

It has barely even started, we’re not even halfway through retracing the games that exist, let alone all the features, quests and stories that they have planned for it.

I feel quite satisfied tonight, that I’ve spent a day doing something rather irrelevant and simple, the day felt long enough that I’ve had a rest for once.

I got to spend 3 hours chatting to my son, hearing him get more and more excited, with the payoff of him being able to evolve everything he caught.

He has gone to bed saying he had a great day and looking forward to next months.

I’m not sure how Niantic can top a dragon based event, I hope they do something that we don’t have yet!

Or at least something my son doesn’t have, as I’ll catch them either way.

Do any other mobile games have this kind of community and longevity?

I don’t particularly have the time and energy to have a second game this involved.

As much as people give Niantic flack for being terrible at communication and decision-making – who else has made a game like this?

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