Do you need a website?

I’m in a funny place with this as I’ve been asked if I can transfer a site to my platform and upgrade the layout etc for a few hundred pounds, in August, I certainly can and welcome this kind of query!

I could do with filling March, April, May, June and July with a lot of similar projects too though which is where I need you guys!

I have covered this in the past and with the magic of having my posts shared on Twitter I am getting the odd message from readers saying they will need help with a site later this year if I’m interested.

I am, but I could really do with some bits to do now if anyone’s out there?

I have a hosting platform with unlimited bandwidth and storage, and I said in the past I’d do hosting for £30 a year.

For most normal websites this would be perfect, you buy your own domain name – ( and I give you place to stick everything that your web address points to.

You make the site do what you want it to do, but you know it’ll be online for the year.

If you have a tiny site – for example which just counts down the time since Arsenal FC last won a trophy (more recent than Spurs, I know!) then talk to me, as something like that you could host for £10 and its done.

In fact if you suddenly fancied buying a ton of ‘hilarious’ domain names then talk to me and I’ll do you a deal as there’s not much admin around this type of thing.

If you have or want to start a blog like mine, then talk to me. Same with Podcasts, Youtube channels and so forth. Let me know what you need, and we can figure something out.

If you want to have these things but have no idea how to set them up, then talk to me. I can either do it, or if it’s a bit more hard-core I know the people who can.

I don’t want to turn the blog into me beating the drum for business constantly so sorry for those bothered by that kind of thing, but with Mrs Sheepdog still 2 months from finishing maternity leave I’m starting to feel the pinch!

In an ideal world I just need a load of people to suddenly go ‘Oh…my expensive hosting is due right now, I’ll move it to your hosting…see you in a year’ and that’s the extent of it.

Anyone ‘thinking about’ a website, lets go!

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