Bringing TV Shows Back from the Dead

I was reading an article earlier that surprised me.

The following shows are returning in 2018 after initially being axed:

  • American Idol (Who cares…I guess it means a Brit one might happen soon though)
  • Rocco’s Modern Life – Wait what?! Who is that coming back for?!
  • Lost in Space – Seems like an easy come back, that’ll probably fail.
  • Miami Vice – I thought this had already come back? Maybe I’m mixing it up with Hawaii Five-O
  • Roswell – Eurgh that was tame when it came out the first time! They’re rebooting it though not bringing it back.
  • DC are bringing back ‘Young Justice’ which was essentially about the Teen Titans.
  • The tenuous one on the lis was Sense8 which got cancelled and brought back in a matter of weeks.
  • It seems like an odd mix to me. Like I guess these shows had their fan bases – but of all the shows in history to resurrect, these are the ones for 2018?

    In the past some pretty big shows have been cancelled and brought back – Family Guy and Futurama are two that come to mind straight away.

    I remember Family Guy making a point of saying Fox would need to cancel about 30 other shows to want to bring them back – they listed 30 shows including Firefly that were canned making room for that cartoon to come back for the rest of time.

    I was going to start writing about how I’d love to see them bring back Stargate then I read that this week Stargate Origins began in America.

    I need to source this!

    They’ve basically created a prequel to SG1 set in the old days when Egyptian explorers dug the gate up, and the whole adventure essentially began for the American air force.

    I’m hoping this will lead to some exciting cross overs. We already know a fair bit of the Stargate’s journey from Egypt to America, one character’s granddad was on the boat that shipped it, and so forth.

    I also hope hope hope hope hope hope hope!!!! that all or most of the Goa’uld are played by the same / original characters if they’re in the show.

    It would make sense for at least some of them to be involved, and to be the same. I am really stoked to see MCM doing another Stargate show.

    This needs to be successful enough for them to bring back Stargate Universe as more than a comic! I won’t go into more on that…

    We had The X Files return last year and that seems to have been popular though admittedly I haven’t been following it closely.

    That seems like the calibre of program that should be brought back – Prison Break also fit the bill to an extent but was a bad idea in practice. 24 seemed massive enough to resurrect for a season too.

    In the UK we’ve had The League of Gentlemen return, which I need to catch up on.

    We’ve also had multiple seasons of Red Dwarf which have been fantastic. I’d love to see more British shows return!

    Mighty Boosh and Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place specifically.

    I discovered recently there’s a longer version of the one track lover song they played in the finale ep, I’ve not heard it yet though!

    I’ve always wondered if they’d do a Lost ‘aftermath’ and wrap up or spoon feed a few more secrets, tell Ben and Hurley’s stories after the show finished. There would be a lot of interest there!

    There were a ton of irritating internet hoaxes around the return of Breaking Bad after season 5.

    It would make the ending completely different to do it, but I think it would be a massive, massive event if they made a handful of episodes and flipped the tale on its head.

    Alias is another where I just think it would be cool to see them do more episodes. Jennifer Garner has said she would if JJ Abrams was involved.

    I don’t think he’d have time to bother, but it would be good if he did, their twists and turns were always decent enough and the characters in it were great.

    I see the actors pop up in so many shows these days – and Alias pops up in a low of lists when people talk about ‘What the hell?!’ moments.

    It has failed at least twice, but Heroes is another show I bloody wish they’d work out a formula with that isn’t lame.

    I may do a write up purely about that, as I could rant for days about where they kept making mistakes on that show!

    For starters they dramatically limited certain heroes from the roster in favour for rather whiney characters when they should have focused more on the cool super hero abilities…

    With Rocco’s Modern Life returning – it can’t be long before we see shows like Cow and Chicken, Catdog, Dexters Laboratory and Johnny Bravo returning.

    We already have Powerpuff girl’s back. My kids watch Danger Mouse and Dennis the Menace (Proper Beano Dennis, not lame American Dennis!).

    I think I mentioned that they’re looking at a Fresh Prince reboot as a cartoon!

    I don’t know why they don’t do it properly and have Will Smith and Alfonso Ribeiro in it for the start.

    Maybe Will sends his kids to live with Carlton (so he isn’t in it past the first episode) or something more workable, any one of the siblings could be taking on the next generation.

    Veronica Mars got a partially fan funded internet campaign backed ‘Film’ that was great for seeing more of that awesome group of characters.

    I wish they’d do one for Pushing Daisies too – that was a show I bloody loved and I don’t think it ever really got a proper ending.

    Arrested Development got a season 4, but seems to be too hard to make more of reliably which is a shame, that needed to be a much longer shjow.

    There are so many programs I’ve watched fanatically over the past 20+ years that it makes it hard to ‘put up with’ the fact that certain ones are ‘dead’.

    I don’t ever expect to see Buffy, Angel, Firefly or any of the Star Trek shows come back for example.

    They’ve all had comics though, it would be great if they could be moved into full on tv shows though, based on the quality of their stories.

    I should’ve got into writing at a younger age and put more effort in to doing something with it.

    The dream would’ve been to work on anything like the bits above, not only creating new shows but resurrecting the classics – infeasible dreams really.

    Fan Fiction doesn’t cut it either sadly!

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