2018 Event Schedule

It’s always around this time of year that Kev lets us know the press passes are going out for our annual trips about the country.

I thought it’d be handy for myself to write it down here so I can see my year planned out ahead, but it also might be useful for people who want to go to these things but don’t realise how far ahead they can plan them.

17th-18th of March is Birmingham Comicon – I didn’t realise how close it was and am a little disappointed not to be going! I don’t know if I can afford it, but I’m going to check tonight with Mrs Sheepdog as it looks like it’ll be pretty good – it may even have better guests lined up than the London event later in the year.

30th March – 2nd April is Insomnia, which I believe (but I’m not certain!) Kev, Anna and Pab went to last year.

I don’t know what to think of it as it seems to be more of a place to go to play old games than to see new ones. I’m all about seeing things I don’t already know and buying things I don’t already have. Mainly to add them to a pile of things I shall take a year or more to get around to reading or playing.

April 13th sees the 2018 Rezzed at Tobacco Dock – Kev has applied for a pass, I wont bother – Rezzed is such a tame event you have to be pretty hardcore about the sort of games that end up there.

You might find one or two gems but if you’re already familiar with them via a passing interest in indie games, then the rest is just noise. We actually got accosted on the way out of the 2017 one because we were leaving within an hour of the doors opening – I was a little cheeky and told the doorman that we’d seen everything, he was a bit surprised.

In May we have London Comicon which I think is probably my favourite although last time I didn’t do our normal format of following Kev all over the place for an hour then leaving for London.

I spent a day in there with Pab enjoying it, and then a day with my family. I think I might have to do 3 days down there this time, as normally we end up traipsing around London which is fun, but I’d rather do that one day and comicon with the guys another day and then my family the final time.

I’m not sure I’d find enough to entertain me both days but it’d be fun going around it with my wife and kids and letting them do whatever they want to do whilst I guide them because I’ve already scoped the place out.

EGX takes place on the 20th-23rd of September and is always again one of the biggest – if not the biggest, event we do as a gaming site. It is always interesting to see how they approach it.

Some years they seem to go heavy on the consumer swag, which in my opinion makes them the best years. Coming home with a huge sack full of posters and bits and bobs that can go into a little collection on a shelf is much more fun than walking around seeing some £100,000 car parked up next to the Need for Speed demo – like what is the point in spending time and money dragging that in?

They have had some great displays at EGX, like last year there was a huge dragon, they’ve had a massive Chocobo ranch when Final Fantasy 15 was coming out. They had some cool Destiny photo opportunities. Those are definite winners!

Nintendo need to maybe be a bit more ‘giving’ with their swag – most recent years it has been rather weak – stickers or a cardboard hat. One year I got a sonic ‘hat’ for my daughter which was great.

Play Expo normally takes place in October in Manchester but one hasn’t been announced which triggered Kev to suggest we do something up that way on the weekend it would traditionally take place. (14th-15th).

I don’t know what to expect with Play Expo anymore really, they’re not great events, we make our own fun around them. I like going in and buying my round of presents for my family, but I don’t get anything for myself, the only time I have tried I ended up getting a 3DS in GAME in the Trafford centre!

I asked Kev if The Gadget Show was happening this year and apparently it has been cancelled since last year! I had a look around and there is the Invention, Innovation and Technology Expo in London on the 24th-27th October which might be interesting.

I’d find that quite cool I think, seeing what stuff is coming out in the next 2-3+ years – again it is quite cool if you can get some freebies of things but they are few and far between for the most part because of course there’s not much good giving someone like me something at this event unless I’m going to buy a load more or help them sell them!

There’s plenty on that list to go at and I imagine I have missed a few off (let me know if I have!) – I feel like we should make the most of the events, I never book in interviews or anything like that.

Maybe I should though! If I did a 15 minute bit with some of the guests or whatever, it would make for good Podcast content. I could get brownie points with the wife and kids if there were people they’d like to meet there – In the past Anna has booked some time but we’ve not used it.

I need to be more focused on getting the most out of this stuff! Right now I could probably buy the books and items on amazon for less too. Perhaps we should be spending the time down there doing more content.

It’s ironic that we could’ve been interviewing some major voice actors from gaming, or TV/film stars and instead we sacked off the show to get an ice cream and hunt around Forbidden Planet for bargains!

What events should we be looking at? If we made the effort for an MGPX when should it be? I’m erring on the side of not doing one to be honest!

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