Eliminating TV Schedules

I know it has been said plenty by other people, but I feel like British TV providers are stuck in the dark ages when it comes to entertainment.

I watch a lot of shows, I watch a lot of Tottenham on tele, I watch a lot of films.

I currently pay for Amazon, Netflix, Sky, and get shows and films from iTunes.

Everyone in the UK pays a TV licence on top too.

Yet there’s this creep of even more people turning up for a slice of the pie.

It winds me up so much that Spurs are then sometimes on BT Sport rather than Sky or Terrestrial TV! Why are they there?

It doesn’t help consumers, it costs them more.

They claim it is to break the monopoly Sky had on football, but it means that at least once a month I am forced to miss the game – although someone did today send me their BT Login which was very handy in watching Spurs beat Arsenal..

They’re not very good. Neither are Sky to be honest.

The quality is higher on Sky, but the pundits are a joke.

They have no catering in place for fans outside of United, Arsenal and Liverpool at the best of times.

They sometimes make a stretch for Chelsea, City and Spurs but their idea for Spurs is usually people who once touched a Spurs shirt, but spent the best days of their careers at Liverpool or elsewhere, meaning they tend to either hate us or prefer someone else.

This isn’t about football so much as it is about their entire set up though.

I would pay more for a Spurs ‘season ticket’ to watch all of their games, with a slightly biased Spurs fan acting as the pundit.

I never want to hear about how Spurs will ‘struggle to keep’ players constantly, or have some idiot predict or discuss things that the most basic of fans would know isn’t true.

They come out with so many dumb statements because they don’t know the club. I can’t be the only fan bothered by this!

It isn’t even incompetence on their part, it is just that no one can possibly know that much about every club – although if you ask me, they are paid more than enough to revise this stuff between matches or at least have a team to do it!

From a TV perspective, how much longer will Sky and all of the American TV channels let Netflix and other content providers continue to just dump entire seasons in one go?

I don’t get why they don’t do this on Sky yet.

If they dump every episode available up in one place they can:

  • Add adverts to every individual file, switch them as time goes on, and have more people watch the show at a time suitable to them.
  • They can track views purely and accurately by just measuring starts and people who watch over a certain percentage of a show.
  • No more guessing ratings using that idiotic ‘Nielsen’ thing in America that depends on a few thousand households watching a show for it to survive.
  • It means they no longer have to think about scheduling.
  • They no longer have to worry about what other channels are up to, they can just promote shows.
  • No more pointless filler.
  • Channels can devote more ‘live time’ to actual events, news and so forth – anything that happens ‘on the day’.
  • I think that if they worked it out right, advertisers could better pinpoint what they want to align themselves to.

    We already have specific promotions on things like The Simpsons on Sky – the annoying ‘Aint nobody loves me better’ song plays before, during and after every episode, I kinda hate how catchy and memorable it is, but it works.

    The downside is I guess it would eliminate the ‘TV Event’ where everyone goes into work the next day and says “Did you watch [show] last night?”.

    That has already changed though, literally everyone is telling me to watch Altered Carbon because I’ll love it.

    We all did a buzz about ‘End of the F-ing World’ and lots of other Netflix shows.

    The fact is they seem to be making millions out of charging us around £10 a month for unlimited content.

    Sky seem to be making a hash of it whilst charging people 40-100 a month depending on how deep into the set up they are and how well they negotiate.

    For that kind of money, Sky should dominate my viewing but they don’t.

    They’ve got their on demand, and box set services, but they’re not much good when its offering me bloody Prison Break – 10 years after I watched it live.

    We’re at the mercy of the American networks, and they seem hell-bent on dragging us out with arduous seasons.

    It seems mad, like if they just put 12 episodes out, did a midseason finale, and then did 12 more a couple of months later.

    Surely that would get them more watches and more sweet advertising money than running it purely by ‘live’ viewings?

    They just need to change their metrics, and the way they charge firms – it’s not like the advertisers will suddenly say no.

    The TV folk have the power in this to dictate how they allow marketing on their platform.

    Right now a show that airs on Monday at 9PM is up against every other channel airing something, which in Sky’s case is like 650-1000 channels, plus the unlimited content on Netflix, Amazon and everything else.

    Plus any obligations or other things people decide to do.

    Whereas if they just released it all on the 1st of the month and resold the advertising slot for specific shows every month they’d be laughing.

    Some shows can be re-watched over and over.

    Shows with 12 seasons become like a goldmine. Imagine being the promoter who advertises on ‘It’s always sunny in Philadelphia’ you’d be hammering your message at people.

    I might not see the full picture, I probably missed a few bits, it isn’t my job to really know this inside out.

    I just wish they would dramatically fix TV – soon!

    I’d much rather binge my shows and then watch something else, than wait weekly.

    What do you think? What would you do?

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