The Pyramids

Reddit is an awesome place, I spent some time reading through an AMA with a company who have used advanced scanning technology to discover an entirely new ‘void’ inside the Great Pyramid of Giza.

We’ve been looking at these things since…well who knows? As far back as ever really, and yet we’re still finding completely unknown parts of them.

This isn’t just some small little void, it’s supposedly big enough to be considered a potential ‘hall’ or ‘chamber’ – which means it is big enough to potentially contain artefacts.

It blows my mind that we haven’t completely got these buildings scoped out now.

The sceptic in me thinks maybe we have, and it’d ruin the mystery and the fun around them if they just said ‘yeah we’ve completed them now folks, all the secrets have been found!” but I know that isn’t the case at all.

There are so many random theories about the Pyramids, including one that always fascinated me, where people had decided they were potentially ‘power generators’.

It has been pretty much debunked now, as a junk theory – and I always imagined as such.

There are a lot of theories that the Egyptians just ‘came across them’ too though where the weathering on the buildings doesn’t add up with the time frames and so forth.

It would be quite cool if we discovered they’d just found these buildings to be fascinating themselves, treated them as sacred, but had no idea where they came from either.

That would be pretty exciting, it could even explain things like the weird Sphinx and so forth which would’ve been designed based on slightly different creatures to what we’re used to.

I have been reading about how difficult it is to get a mini robot into any kind of open parts of the pyramids because they’re worried they might do damage to any areas that they ‘force’ their way into.

If air gets into a closed off chamber it could massively destroy the stuff insidE, so it seems like they’d need to create a vacuum somehow before sending a robot in with a camera.

It seems amazing that this hasn’t all been destroyed by irresponsible fools.

Reading the article it said that if you pay for tours around the outside of it all, you can bribe the guides for less than $20 to let you head inside and do what you like.

Presumably there are limits to how far you can feasibly get if they’re that laid back about it.

But in one of the more famous areas there’s apparently a ton of graffiti from the Victorian era that was ‘already there’ when British explorers got in and ‘discovered’ it.

I also read that if you were to ‘dig’ literally anywhere around the pyramids, you’d be likely to find some kind of artefact sooner or later.

In my mind these things are surrounded by sand, so it begs the question – why dig?

Am I foolish to think that if we really wanted to, we could Hoover the sand up? Like it’d take a big Hoover that’d need to be emptied or something…

But if they just sucked up a ton of sand and shifted it elsewhere they’d probably uncover a ton of secrets that have just been buried by time and the wind blowing stuff about a bit.

If you read any Egyptian story they’re always losing gold chariots and stuff like that in the desert storms, there could be tons of preserved wealth out there!

I always think this about really sandy places. Like people who run beaches pay good money for nice sand to be shipped in. Couldn’t we build giant industrial Hoovers to collect much of it up? Or is it just dirt and rock underneath, making it pointless?

I’m probably being really dumb, I can’t find a simple answer so presumably it isn’t that simple and there’s no handy way to work it.

I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent with this, but ultimately I wondered if they’d ever figure it out in my lifetime.

There are certain questions that it feels like we’ll never witness an evidence based conclusion that satisfies everyone:

What were the pyramids for? – I think the boring answer is most likely and they were monuments built using slaves, to honour their dead.

What happens when we die? – I already answered that one.

Are we alone in the universe? – No…i’ll do a post about it some time…

Is mankind (as we know it) the first ‘civilisation’ to have lived on Earth? – Probably, but there are some fascinating theories out there worth looking at some time!

Is the universe infinite? – I think that’s the wrong question, the concept of multiverse with different scientific ‘rules’ makes sense, we’re in one of a very large number of universes, and the container for them must surely be finite somewhere, but we can’t possibly conceptualize the size and scope of it, let alone reach its end.

It makes my mind feel funny when I try to think about what would be outside of such a container though!

Does God Exist? – It doesn’t seem very likely, does it? It would be ludicrously arrogant to think that one belief system was right over any of the millions of others that have existed. I find it uncomfortable talking to people who are 100% believers in something like God – I used to be an angry atheist type but I’ve mellowed on it in the past 5 years to more of an open-minded bemusement.

Does Reality Exist? – This is a bit of a new one – but if someone had created a universe and this was what we were living in – a virtual reality world – then seriously?

Screw those people for creating such a frustrating existence. If we decide to go into our own version of a Matrix then we’d better make it a free for all with no life wasting work and so forth. I don’t think we’re living in a simulation – this pox of an existence is legitimate in all its crummy glory.

Are there other questions that science / philosophy and so forth haven’t answered yet? Do you have any theories about the pyramids? Let me know!

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