Hell is other people!

I’ve been in such a bad mood today – partially because I didn’t lose any weight this week, (which is starting to bother me less as I put it in perspective) but partially because the people of Deeping are infuriating!

I went to 5 different hair dressers to try and get my sons haircut and they’re either empty ‘but only take bookings’ which is fair enough – but there’s no one there!

One guy was empty, but doesn’t cut kids hair…like that’s somehow different…he’d cut mine there and then but my son was off limits. It left a really weird vibe so I just thanked him and said goodbye.

Another was rammed with older gentlemen over retirement age – I feel a bit rude and harsh but I wanted to say “Come back on Tuesday when we’re all at school / work!”

I tried to walk into one place and a mad woman just stood in front of the door not letting me in, because she was busy peeping out to see if her lift had arrived. They too were booking only, with no queue.

Granted their bookings may have been running late, or a cut was done earlier, whatever – its just frustrating!

I had cyclists winding me up, some knob head let his dog run behind my car as I was reversing then had the audacity to glare at me for not seeing it (it was shorter than the wheels) until he dragged it back!

Everything is killing me this morning.

Typically my wife is on a mission to get us all out and to this kids birthday party for one of my son’s classmates.

I’d rather she just took them and left me here, but to pick that option I might as well move the doomsday clock to midnight and start firing the nukes myself.

I don’t want to do anything today! Why can’t there be a rule that kids birthday parties take place on Friday nights or something, weekends should be sacred for forming a cocoon and forgetting that other people exist.

Hopefully my rage subsides at some point today…

When the mood gets like this I expect Spurs to make things worse (lump on Newport County to win today!).

We will probably have an argument later when we watch some new film on Netflix and I get fed up midway through because it’s shite and decide to go to bed too…

They need to invent coma cocoons for days like this where you can hide. I guess if they did that I’d never leave!

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