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I don’t go to the theatre often, but my wife enjoys a musical and sometimes we go to see something together.

I tend to go in with a bit of a grimace, braced for cringey theatrics that aren’t aimed at me, but to be honest I’ve not had a single bad experience so far.

The one I have enjoyed most though is Wicked.

I love how they take the story of The Wizard of Oz and turn it into propaganda for The Wizard who is actually enslaving the residents of Oz and stealing their abilities to talk and such what.

It turns the story on its head, showing the ‘wicked witch’ is in fact just a woman with abilities, the same as the good witches.

It shows how the perspectives of different characters affect the way the world of Oz is presented to Dorothy and how she is a pawn in the bigger picture that goes on.

I came out of that show thinking about everything we see and hear in the media and how it is twisted to a certain agenda.

My family often groan at me when I get really annoyed at The Daily Mail but it is becoming increasingly accepted that they skew stories in a bizarre way that perpetuates loads of untrue stereotypes about people.

When folk read that paper they’re seeing the story that Viscount Rothermere wants to tell. Just like The Sun is Rupert Murdoch’s story of events.

I’m not here to preach at you about it, it just made me think hard about the fact that the world is like this – we’ve all studied history at school (or A Level in my case) so it isn’t exactly news.

I love it in fiction though…

Even Disney got in on the action with a bit of ‘Lion King 1.5’ telling the story just from Timone and Pumba’s perspective.

I wish they’d somehow twisted it, but I don’t see how they could. A story from Scar’s PoV that made Muffasa the bad guy would be intriguing but it’d also spit on a great movie so maybe that’s a bad plan!

From a comic book perspective, I know there are stories out there, and I’d like to see more, that better tell the story of Lex Luthor from his perspective.

If you look at him, he considers himself to be an absolute hero as opposed to one of Superman’s greatest villains.

There are times when he is actually bad in certain realities or stories, but for the most part, he thinks he is acting in man kinds best interests and it would be cool to see a story that shows how his plans have had the right intentions, but Superman has got involved or assumed the worst and frankly messed things up – painting Luthor as a monster.

There is ‘Lex Luthor: Man of Steel’ in which ‘Luthor views Superman as a demigod who looks down on humanity and believes that in order to “save” the human race from extraterrestrial threats, Superman must be stopped.’

I guess that’s as good as it gets unless you write out any particularly bad bits he has done…

If I had the capacity to do so and I didn’t think it would anger half the bloody world I’d be interested in working on a story about Satan, the misunderstood hero with bad press against him.

It’s hard to justify, but if you look at the differences between Heaven and Hell you’re into heaven as soon as you ‘repent and show faith in God’ your unerring belief is rewarded and according to fundamentalists and extremists, if you’re an absolutely horrendous human being you get rewarded in the afterlife for the sacrifices or actions you take in the name of your religion.

Whereas according to those same people, doing many many things you want to do wind you up in hell.

If you believe fundamentalists then some parts of Hell are basically a pro choice, gay pride festival where rock music bangs out whilst everybody is free to carry out their wants and needs, eat what they want, wear what they want, and generally be free to enjoy themselves.

The murderers and more vile criminals are being punished for their sins and kept apart from other people, the only way out of eternal torment being to commit to God and wipe the slate clean like some get out of jail free card.

In a weird way, from the perspective of an evil person, their idea of ‘heaven’ would be somewhere they could carry out their evil without being judged so presumably it works for them too.

It seems almost like the model of hell that people have been taught to fear, with it’s ever increasing circles of awfulness is where everyone except the fundamentalists end up anyway and I think the real hell would be going into a place full of nutters singing Kumbaya with an acoustic guitar.

Anyway I’ve hit a double whammy here of criticising The Daily Mail and Religion, I hope my mother doesn’t read this!

I’d set out to talk about how awesome Wicked is as a musical and to ask if there are any other stories – like the Lex Luthor one above, where traditional stories that ‘everyone knows’ are retold from the perspective of the opposition?

I don’t think they could get away with a Star Wars story where The Empire turn out to be the good guys, but then I don’t know enough about ‘The Rebellion’ to really know what the deal is there anyway, it seems kinda like The Empire lot are on a crusade (like the western world in real life) whilst the Rebels are the Eastern and African worlds watching as their cultures are annihilated by ‘progress’ and technology.

Give me recommendations, especially today as there are no TV shows out today for me to watch!

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