Super Hero Costumes

I’ve always wondered why Elon Musk and other billionaire philanthropist types haven’t gone full ‘Tony Stark’ and made their high-tech armour to fight crime and force world peace in their spare time.

Whilst browsing product-hunt, (a site that I set as one of my home pages because it always posts fascinating new thing to do with technology, business and other things I find fascinating.) I came across Full Body who sell tailored super hero suits.

They’re obviously intended for the extreme cosplayer, since they cost thousands of dollars, but they look awesome!

I’m surprised more companies aren’t involved in this, with the masses of super hero films and tv shows on these days.

Even the more basic ones are hard to find. I suck at making stuff so there’s not much I can do.

I’m reading Super Sons at the moment and I wanted to get my son a Super Boy outfit because it has a cool ‘casual’ look to it whilst also being quite geeky, it’d work well for Comicon if we dyed his ginger hair black:

Going to these events often throughout the year makes me want to lose weight more. I’ve said before that I hate the thought of dressing up as anything normal sized because I then feel like I’m ‘fat version of…’ so it ruins it for me before I start.

If I had 1.2 million pounds to spend I’d buy a Diesel Powered Battle Robot to ride around in instead. I doubt I’d fit inside it but at least if I did I couldn’t be considered a fat one…

At 13 feet tall and 4.4 tons I doubt I’d be able to get it around Comicon with ease though…that is the most impractical thing I can think of when looking at this as a costume idea.

Going back to my first comment though, there doesn’t seem to be any billionaires out there who are buying these battle robots, realistic Iron Man suits and so forth and that seems really sad.

Would they be banged up as vigilantes if they fought crime? Couldn’t they get involved in major conflicts and just buy a handful of robotic suits to send trained experts in?

Imagine handling North Korea – just drop in 10 of the battle robots and watch them smash down walls and eliminate the threat.

It’s almost like nobody wants the threat to go away…

I don’t have much more to write on this topic beyond repeating myself that the only costumes that work for me are Snorlax, Baymax, The Kool-Aid Man (OH YEAAAH) and any other large spherical characters you can imagine.

I am working on that though, I’ve lost a stone since mid Jan. I need to drop about 6 stone more so I’m trying to not think about that too much, but if I can get there one day you’ll soon know about it because I’ll probably spend the rest of my days walking around in Iron Man armour or dressed as Superman.

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