2018 Plans!

I don’t have any intention of making new year resolutions, for starters I already know I need to lose weight. I need to exercise, the biggest issue right now is my excruciating back pain, get that sorted and I plan to buy a bike to join my kids in cycling around town.

I’m happy at work, so there’s no resolution there – I want to smash the numbers I did this year though, try and double up or something. I don’t even know how yet, but more calls and more interactions with ‘IT / Security decision makers’ is pretty much the route.

I want to take my kids to America at some point in the next year or two, but it doesn’t look like it’ll happen any time soon!

This web hosting situation I have myself in has some nice potential to grow into a part time project, but I need to figure out how on earth I can sign up a long list of companies to host through me, right now I just need to keep reminding folk that I can do web hosting if they need a site!

In gaming, my plans for the year look a bit thin – shocking I know.

I would love to get a Nintendo Switch if I can ever afford one, but as far as priorities go it can’t be very high on the list as there are lots of grown up bits to do.

In new games, Ni No Kuni 2 is the first title on the list that I fancy.

Red Dead Redemption 2 and Shenmu 3 are also titles I can’t miss.

The trouble I have with Ni No Kuni and Shenmu though is that I didn’t get far in the first two games so I can’t say I know the situation fully.

I could really do with the first game coming with the second, and the first two Shenmus being summarised somewhere – maybe I’ll youtube it!

Film Wise, things look a bit more exciting for me:

Black Panther kicks off this year’s Marvel run in February.

Ready Player 1 comes out in March (I still need to read this, but I hear it is meant to be great!).

Avengers Infinity War is out in May and is obviously top of the billing for 2018, I hope they pull it off well!

If they don’t, Deadpool 2 is there to mop up the disappointment, and Incredibles 2 will be great fun for the kids!

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom looks like a decent instalment of that series too, nice and different, trying to rescue deadly dinosaurs from an erupting volcano!

Ant Man and the Wasp comes out in July, the first one was great so this ought to be fun.

At this point I’m worrying about how the hell I am going to afford the cinema this summer!

It quietens down for a bit before the Venom film comes out which could be fun. X-Men: Dark Phoenix ought to be ok too.

More excitingly, Fantastic beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald and Creed 2 both come out in November, followed by Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck it Ralph 2 – another stupidly expensive month.

The year is rounding off with a Spiderman film from Sony which will probably suck since Sony make bad films, but could be good as it is about the Spider-verse, so it should be a bit cool.

Lastly an Aquaman movie from DC to entice us all into liking their cinematic universe a bit more, I hope they pull it off as well as they did with Wonder woman!

That’s more films than I see at the cinema in most years, what a cracking run, and i’ve only gone for the low hanging fruit there, I bet there is at least 10 amazing titles I know nothing about in the line up.

As if we needed more to watch, The CW are bringing out a new Superhero show called ‘Black Lightning’ which is getting good previews so should hopefully live up to the promise.

Netflix have a new murder thriller sci fi story called ‘Altered Carbon’ where humans can escape death by having their memories put into new bodies, but a man is killed and finds himself in his new body with no recollection of how he died – part of me wonders who would care, since you can’t die in this world – but Netflix is apparently hugely excited about this show and they’re backing it heavily so fingers crossed there’s a solid hook.

Jessica Jones comes back to try and resurrect the Hells Kitchen stories from the Marvel universe. I don’t have high hopes but we’ll see there!

The new show I’ve just read about that sounds most intriguing is ‘Krypton’ which is (as the title suggests) – set on Superman’s home planet, decades before Kal-El is born. The story follows his grandfather as he battles a conspiracy to erase Superman from existence by some kind of time travel attack on his ancestors.

I don’t see how it can go beyond a short season, but anything that tries to tap into how awesome DC can be is worth a punt.

Speaking of which, Titans is also coming out next year on some kind of DC Streaming service (at least in America, I hope a company takes it up here) – This one is about the Teen Titans (well, the grown up versions now) like Robin and Wally West (though it is unclear as to whether he is in this!)

I kind of wish this show was set in the Arrowverse as it would give their Wally West more purpose.

Despite it being by the same people who made Arrow, it appears this wont be connected – perhaps it’ll end up like the way Supergirl is set in another part of the multiverse once the show proves itself.

For the most part I hope these shows and film are great, but at the same time I could do with them being awful so I can just limit my time in front of the idiot box.

I have multiple writing projects on the go, which i’m making inroads with. I also need to get an editor for my non fiction ‘self help’ book at some point which has been the case for a while.

I have a few bits I’d like to start sorting in our house. I mentioned the freehold scandal the other day and hope that i’ll have that resolved by March.

Next year looks pretty busy all round! I’d ultimately be satisfied with just improving my health I think out of all of the above bits and pieces.

I am due to see a specialist next week which I hope is the start of progress!

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