Recording my Favourite Podcast of the Year.

Tonight Me, Kev, Pab and Anna will be recording our annual Google Zeitgeist review of the year episode and I’m rather excited.

It’s my favourite of the ‘event’ episodes we do each year. I like the best of the year episodes, the E3 special, the MGPX (when they occur) but Zeitgeist is just a bit different and simple to create.

We always have a general chat about the year we’ve had, plus the ‘best…’ of various genres and items from across the year.

I have to resist the urge to look up any answers in advance, and usually learn how out of touch I am when they talk about the biggest trends of the year.

I know in advance that Ed Sheeran has had the most successful year musically, although I feel like Liam Gallagher has the moral victory.

I can’t think what else normally comes up that I’d know about right this moment.

Most watched event on TV? No idea…
Biggest Trend? Nope…

Maybe with a bit of booze in me it’ll all become clear.

We first kicked this off 7-8 years ago now, alongside the very first Nogfest!

It’s pretty similar to The Big Fat Quiz of the Year on Channel 4, but I’d never seen that when we started, Kev just wanted to quiz me on the Google Zeitgeist (now called Google Trends)

I was so drunk during that first year that we talked about the Pope’s visit to the UK and I went on an episode long background rant about how outrageous it was that we had to pay for him to come here.

I think things got so offensive we essentially hid all of the episodes as we became teachers a year or two later and it was too risky.

If anyone (Lee Mcilwaine?) has a copy of that two part episode I’d be more than happy to share it here, all the other Best Thing From stuff has been salvaged from various places, but I genuinely don’t know where those episodes are now, probably on an old laptop of Kev’s in a land fill somewhere.

I want to try and get my wife to join us on the episode but I’m not sure whether I can convince her to record her voice, and I don’t know if I have the hardware to make it happen smoothly unless she sits next to me and we use a headphone splitter, that might work – I’m thinking if I broke out the drinks we could make an evening of it!

I’m going to be on one either way tonight anyway as I’m off work for the next 9 days! It will be glorious.

The episode should be out on Saturday midday as normal, keep an eye on Twitter for it and if you want to be really helpful, then share it about a bit! Its usually great fun. If this pops up as a repost later in the year go and get the episode on iTunes now and let me know what you thought of it!

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