Christmas with a cold

Christmas was nice this year as always, but with one draw back – I caught a cold from someone who visited our office last week and so I spent the lions share of the holidays in bed asleep or feeling like crap.

Not the greatest Christmas ever…

My kids and wife had fun though which is great.

I now have 3 days left of work before I’m off until the 8th of Jan, I plan to completely shut down but I imagine my family has other ideas!

In terms of presents, I got a few bits, but had already received the two main ones. Scrivner from my mum so I can write and XRP Cryptocurrency from my wife so I can pretend I’m the wolf of wall street. (It is up to $1.27 from the 75c I spent per coin!).

Just a quick one today as I feel like crap and I’m at work, normal business will resume tomorrow hopefully!

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