Christmas is Over – What to do on NYE?

Well Christmas is out of the way and so is my 4 day ‘pre written’ article run.

I’m now looking at New Year in a few days and wondering whether I can even be bothered.

I have booked the 2nd-5th off work so i’m very excited thinking I will be at home from the 30th-7th which is what, 9 days?

Imagine what I can do with 9 days off!

My daughters birthday is the 1st of January, so we’ve got New Year’s day sorted, and her birthday party is going to be on the 13th as far as I understand whatever it was my wife was telling me – something about a sleepover – I think I’ll hide…

New Years itself though is such an anti climax event.

When we were younger we’d try and go out and make it an epic night, but it usually ended up with us all spread out and about as a group having our own drunken adventures.

The most memorable one my wife and I will ever have was the one where she gave birth to my daughter.

My friends had an epic party too so they remember it as a big night of that and me sending messages late at night about the birth etc.

We got a tradition going with my sister, where we’d watch TV and drink together, watch Father Ted a lot and maybe the Hootenanny or the firework display.

She’s working or something this year so I don’t have to see her which is delightful (that’ll let me know if she’s reading still if/when she responds to that!).

So we have no one to spend it with this year and no plans with less than a week to go.

I feel so old as I actually asked who Jools Holland has on this year, like it matters…

I know Kev claims he just goes to bed at 11 and treats it like any normal day, although he also claims he goes and does a bunch of witch doctor voodoo mumbo jumbo with coins and stuff to ward off demons in the new year which seems mad to me.

My family always just scared the demons away by banging pots and pans together at the door and it did us just fine!

The misery guts in me thinks going to bed early would be useful, but I’ll be 1 or 2 days into my 9 day holiday so I’ll be damned if I go to bed early!

I imagine what we’ll do is put on a film and watch it as a family and then watch the fireworks and cheer a bit, sing Happy Birthday to my daughter and then send the kids to bed…

What are you doing this year?

Any suggestions for something better we could do?

I doubt my wife would want to ‘go out’ with the baby in tow, but if there was something ‘on’ that folk like us could do with a baby and 2 kids then that would be great.

Maybe I need to start my own family friendly Hootenanny!

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