Merry Christmas!

A quick update today to wish you a Merry Christmas!

It seems like only a few months back I was hosting Christmas at my new house, now we’re a year on and its my son’s first Christmas, we’re at my mums since arriving through the door my soul focus has been on stopping my kids from finding the presents that are hidden around the house.

I’m usually the first one out of bed on Christmas day, then I sit and watch weird cartoons on tele until everyone else is up.

I think my kids will beat me this year and I’ll try for a lay in, keep them waiting for their presents!

I’m looking forward to getting the weirdest present I’ve ever asked for, some kind of strap thing you pull together to fix your posture in place.

I’ve had a sore neck for years so i’m hoping I can force my shoulders, back and neck into place and hold them there – it’ll be something I wear to work and so forth in a hope it makes an impact, the reviews online look good!

What’s the oddest thing you’ve asked for? Can you top that?

We’ve had to tell my kids that Santa is dropping some of their gifts off at their nan’s in Deeping because we couldn’t travel down with bikes in the car, it’d look too obvious. I’m looking forward to seeing their faces tomorrow though, and going to the park with them to see them ride.

My wife had quite a straight forward list of bits she fancied this year that I went with, this is the first year i’ve not had any kind of surprise lined up for her and I feel mega awkward about that, but i’ve told her that this is the case, and I believe her when she says that’s fine since she is still getting what she actually wanted, still maybe in January I will find a way to spoil her with surprises or something…

I’m going to leave this one short here because let’s face it – who is reading this on Christmas Day?! I’m going to be eating my massive Xmas Dinner when this comes out.

Have a fantastic day if you are reading this, leave a comment telling me about your day so far and what you received! I’ll do an update about my Christmas on the 27th I think.

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