2017 in Television

It has been a mixed year for TV in my house.

This is the first time in as long as I can remember that I’ve vowed to actually stop watching some shows, or where I’ve decided I don’t particularly like some bits. I think time is just becoming so scarce for me that I need to pick and choose what I do a little better.

I’d say that The Arrowverse has had a wobble and is starting to push through it, which means I’m hopeful for a great 2018. Expect some kind of ‘how I’d like to see the seasons finish’ update soon.

Legends of Tomorrow has figured out what it wants to be and is really coming on leaps and bounds as a result.

Arrow is starting to fix its issues, and Flash seems to be maturing.

Supergirl is having an ok / good season but it can’t be perfect all the time, I just wish they’d stop undermining her!

The Walking Dead has gone from must watch, to must avoid. I wont recover old ground there.

Modern Family has managed to maintain a decent quality through its 9th season, despite struggling to find a plot for Mitchel and Cam that isn’t a little forced and convoluted. I still love everyone on that show.

Once Upon a Time decided to do the bold move of changing the setting and the characters, but again this feels like a massive misstep and we’ve given up on it.

I might return to it in the future, my friend Alix tells me it is getting good, but we were really groaning at the early episodes of the newest season.

Agents of Shield has been really cool. I’m loving that so far, although we’re a few episodes behind at the moment which is good because it gives us something to binge next week.

The Marvel Netflix ‘Defenders’ and Punisher shows felt like they’ve reached a real plateaux in quality and I’m bored of them.

So they’re out of our schedule, although my wife insists on persisting with Punisher so I am loosely aware of what is happening there.

Inhumans came with a lot of hype, and died just as quickly. We tried the first couple of episodes. I think unless someone tells me to watch it now, we wont bother.

Orange is the new Black also seemed to hit a plateaux of indifference. It was an alright season, but they made the choice to set it across three days and it didn’t seem right as a result.

Their end of season cliff hanger means that the next season should be quite substantially different from the rest, but it seems like it will have to end soon enough for it to maintain status as a good show.

iZombie had a good season, but seemed to go on a ridiculously long break which has meant a bit of a momentum loss for me. It would’ve been good to see that back on tele in the October run.

Rick and Morty is another show that I think will ‘suffer’ from the momentum loss of being between seasons.

I’m sure they know what they’re doing but when every new character, concept or joke they make is turned into a bloody t-shirt they can’t get much higher in the popularity stakes, but a new season of that would be awesome at any point really, I can’t wait for it to return.

I really didn’t like the new Star Trek (Discovery), but my colleague was recently rather surprised to hear that and it has made me wonder whether we were wrong to write it off after 4ish episodes.

I just found the characters to be a bit boring, and I am disappointed that they are still living in the universe’s past and not moving forward to the future.

Ozark was a good replacement for my ‘gritty crime show of choice’ and I look forward to seeing what season 2 gives us, most shows don’t come into their own until this point so this should be the start of their peak.

Better Call Saul was struggling for me to live up to Breaking Bad but it had a great season this year and now I look forward to it returning just for the fantastic editing and style they create.

South Park has had another strong season, although I don’t like what they’re doing with Cartman this year.

Last year it was hilarious watching him in love with a normal girl and being uncertain as to whether he was being himself behind it all.

This year he seems to just sigh and be a dick whenever his girlfriend is in the room so it has become a bit tedious – beyond that though the individual episodes have been as great as always, and their super hero tie in was great too.

American Vandal was probably the show that surprised me the most in terms of looking good and then living up to the hype. I was expecting it to get tiresome after an episode or so but it was great fun and I highly recommend it.

American Gods had a bit of an unusual start to season one, before becoming outstanding – I love Neil Gaiman’s work so this is one I can’t wait to see more of. I have resisted getting the book because I don’t want to spoil the show.

That said it hasn’t affected Preacher for me, which again had a good season, with some dud moments matched by some great bits.

They need to try and follow some of the book’s best stories eventually as there is some amazing source content but they’re doing a decent job of making their own show anyway and I like that it can be a bit different to what I already know to expect.

Stranger Things 2 was fantastic this year, again a sequel season isn’t meant to be good so I was very shocked to see it was actually probably a bit more fun than the first season.

It had the whole nostalgia thing that people criticised in season 1 but I don’t find it offensive and I feel it was probably watered down this year to pander to complaints. They also didn’t need to introduce a whole raft of cast members so that helped a lot.

Kimmy Schmitt was pretty poor this year, for a show that had been reasonably fun in the past. I don’t know if I can watch any more of it.

Lastly (as I’m starting to forget what else I’ve watched that was brand new this year!) Orphan Black had a good ending which explained all the loose ends and tied up nicely.

I wish they’d made this ending quicker as I felt like it took me 2-3 episodes to remember where it all was, and I shouldn’t have to rewatch old episodes just to get in the mood for a new season! It is a prime example of a show who should’ve had a ‘previously on…’ sequence.

I’m looking forward to seeing Black Mirror return, and will probably check out The Grand Tour sometime on Amazon.

I’ll try and do an update for what I hope will be good next year out of the upcoming new releases, and so forth, but for now this is your lot!

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