2017 in Gaming

I’d tried to do a bit of a 2017 in gaming update but to be honest whilst I’ve played the games I wanted to play, the list of greats seemed quite short, and the best ones I’ve missed out on are all on The Switch so I can’t afford to get them.

The newest game I enjoyed playing (briefly – for maybe 2 hours in total) was Mario + Rabbids, a strategic battle game with a huge amount of mileage to it. I think if I had a Switch I’d spend most of my time playing this vs any of the other games, it was just great fun.

Mario Odyssey looks decent, but I’d rather watch my wife play it like I did with Mario Galaxy, I don’t know why, but playing them myself just gets irritating, I like helping her on the hard bits.

I did play Shadow of War – but felt as though it was pretty similar to the original and not worth the effort. I ran out of steam with it pretty quick.

The same goes for Mass Effect Andromeda, I keep meaning to go back to it but meh…it just didn’t have much of a hook to it.

The problem for me with Mass Effect is there’s no real way for me to tell if it is worth pushing on with because the internet at large decided the series was dead after the third instalment because they’re a bunch of babies who didn’t like the awesome ending.

So now a series that has been top drawer for me is kind of hollow and I can’t get into it – it is made worse by the fact my characters face looks odd thanks to their character generator which bugs me.

Maybe a restart is in order!

South Park – The Fractured But Whole, is awesome, but I’ve not finished it – I was away for a day or so and stopped playing and then just haven’t gone back to it. I guess I need to monopolise the tele so I can have a crack at finishing it.

If I do that, the flood gates might open.

My highlight was Sonic Mania, playing that along was amazing, playing it with my son was top notch. I am delighted with that game and can’t recommend it highly enough!

Football Manager 2018 has been immensely fun, I love it. The best one in years. I think that is also a strong reason for why I’ve not touched South Park in a while. I enjoy playing FM passively.

For me, my ‘fidgeting’ time has been split between three apps too which probably takes more time than it should.

Pokemon Go has released the third generation of Pokemon. The one with Torchic, Treecko and Mudkip.

On top of that they’ve added in an awesome weather feature, and a fantastic Augmented Reality+ feature where you’re challenged to sneak up on Pokemon and look at them without spooking them to become a master handler of Pokemon.

I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for this game, as it just seems to be growing and growing, and whilst people like to claim it is dying off, it still seems to dominate Peterborough at least.

In my lunch breaks I can meet up with 10-20 other players and in my home town there’s always at least 12 people I can raid with. Yesterday alone my son and I were sat outside a church with 12 other people fighting a big beastly Pokemon. It’s a great little app and I love it.

I will always play Simpsons Tapped Out no matter what, and it doesn’t seem to be running out of steam an time soon. That takes a lot of time at Christmas and Halloween as they’re the strongest times the app has.

This year I got into DC Legends as an app too, it isn’t that complex and could do with a bit more to it but I am hooked to it.

I love learning about the DC characters they add into it every month, and i’m determined to be able to complete 12/12 of their raid battles as my record is 8/12 and it keeps killing me, I don’t know if that’s just me being dumb or whether it is hard to keep us coming back.

I’m wracking my brain for more games from this year but I can’t see any except the ones on The Switch that I really want to play.

I am hopefully getting Pokemon Ultra Moon for Christmas, so my DS is ready and primed to start that on Christmas Day.

I am nervous about whether downloading all of my legends and awesome Pokemon into the game will affect the fun of playing it, but equally I want to get a 100% Pokedex for the first time in my life so I will be doing this and that is the main aim I think.

I also asked for TellTale Games Guardians of the Galaxy Season 1 on Xbox which I am excited to check out, I’ve not played the Batman one I have since getting it though so whether I will bother on this remains to be seen!

I am off in early Jan so hope to game a lot more and start the year off with a much better run!

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