Well my Cryptocurrency update probably came at the worst possible time, as Bitcoin plummeted by miles haha. The value has dropped by thousands…

My investment in XRP seems to be alright, its still making money.

It did rise to 60% more than I invested at one point but tailed off again by the next day to ‘only’ 30% more than I invested a week ago, which is still pretty bloody good compared to most investments!

I wouldn’t cash out at double the money anyway, that would be mad at the small amount I’ve put in, but imagine sticking 10k on that and seeing it go up by 3k in a couple of days, that is mental.

I guess if you could afford to risk that, you wouldn’t care about 3k.

I thought I’d just do a quick update today as it is Christmas now as far as i’m concerned, once the kids are in bed I plan to just drink and be merry until I return to work on the 27th.

Speaking of work, we finished at 4:30 today which was great and we all went down the pub for a quick drink. My Secret Santa got me a Billy Bass that sings “Don’t Worry Be Happy” and “I Will Survive” which is incredibly annoying, haha. My kids love it!

We had a great final ‘Christmassy’ day. There’s a lot of new faces at work now as the company has expanded to double the size it was last year, and I think we’ve been really lucky that it the personalities have gelled so well.

We’re in over the gap between Christmas and New Year and i’d originally been a bit disappointed about that back in March, but now i’m looking forward to 3 days of just ripping on my work mates and sorting some bits out, rather than watching my kids ignore me for 3 days!

We’re spending Christmas with my mum and dad, and I can’t wait to see them and properly shut down for a few days.

We’re up early to get there as soon as possible, so much so I have to load the car so its done and so the kids don’t notice we’re transporting all of their presents with us, which feels very risky!

I’m looking forward to seeing them open what we’ve got them, though they have to wait for their proper presents until boxing day as they’re getting bikes and we haven’t bothered to transport them down in advance.

I pretty much know what i’ve got already as these days its just an Amazon wish list exchange of items.

My wife funded my cryptocurrency hair brained scheme. My mum has got me a copy of Scrivner 3 to help me with my writing, and then there’s lots of little bits I’m looking forward to getting and adding to my pile of shame that I need to work through.

I’ve booked the first week of January off to recharge, and effectively I plan to read about 30 books so I can tidy them up on a shelf and never look at them again

(or amazon them when I’m trying to fund a hair brained scheme, like I do with everything I end up getting – I’m still bitter that I sold my rare collectable PS1 games to part fund my wedding!)

In my week off I also plan to figure out a way to get more people on this hosted service I’ve got now for hosting websites. I need a few more on there to cover the cost of it, and then I’ll be in a bit of profit and can look at offering a better service.

I’d quite like to make a huge leap on ‘War of the Roses’ too – I stuck the first four chapters up on a website anonymously and was absolutely thrilled with the first few comments.

One girl read through each chapter and left something like 9 comments throughout, guessing what’d happen next, reacting to the twists and turns, that’s the most excited I’ve been so far with someone reading something I’ve written I think as she doesn’t know me from anywhere, she wasn’t told to read my stuff, she could’ve easily criticised me and tore me apart for something, but she ended up adding me to a list of hers called ‘NEEEEEED TO BE UPDATED!! :D’ which again was quite sweet.

I’ve had a fun few days of positivity, and it was rounded off tonight by seeing this site had gone over 20,000 reads. I was aiming for 10,000 by Christmas and thought I’d fail miserably!

I think I’ve said before, but I set it up to ignore ip addresses from most of the world, any bot activity, and it only counts people who have accessed the page and spent more than around 60 seconds on there, ie – enough time to read at least part of the page.

I keep meaning to do a bit of a review of what pages have had the most attention, some are surprising – I mentioned before that my review of Sonic Mania which I did quite early on was very popular – I’ve tried to ride the wave of a few other topical bits from time to time, but i’m not particularly interested in ambulance chasing, it just makes sense to talk about Star Wars when I’ve been to the cinema near the release and not weeks after for example.

I’m starting to feel quite good now my tablets are over with and the side effects / withdrawal has passed. My home life is lovely, my writing is enjoyable, work is awesome, and everyone seems positive.

I had a slight family drama in the week as my uncle had a stroke, but i’m pleased to say he is home and doing well! Hopefully this sets up for a great 2018!

When I arrive tomorrow I might do a handful of quick updates and schedule them across Christmas so that my daily run isn’t broken, but I think it’s fair to say I wont be updating Christmas day or Boxing day unless my kids really really do ignore me all day…

Merry Christmas!

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