Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas Wanted!

My daughter is 9 in a few weeks, which is insane.

9 Years since I had a kid, got married, and left work to become a student in the space of about 6 months.

Every year it seems to get harder and harder to know what to do for her birthday and this year it is doing my head in a bit.

The first 4 years were easy because we just had little family parties in the kitchen at my mums or whatever.

School is always the same in the first year or two, everyone gets invited to the party in a hall, the kids run riot for a couple of hours and then you go home.

As they get older, you go to some kind of play centre and they go nuts there for a bit.

Last year we opted for a sleep over, we made the fatal mistake of letting her invite six friends and they were up the entire night.

Never again!

I remember going in at 3am and asking them to go to sleep, then again at 3:30 to tell them.

My wife went in at 4 to simply demand it.

We have no idea if they actually got any sleep, after that point we were broken.

This year she wants 3 people to stay over, and to go somewhere, but where do you take 9 year olds?

They’ve already done trampolining several times with other kids in her class. We did the cinema a few years back.

Roller skating and Ice skating have been done by others too.

We asked her what she wants to do and it changes every day, we have like 3 days to get an invitation out in too, so it really is down to the wire now.

I’ve looked at various options for places to go but they’re all a bit much.

I kind of wish there was a particularly entertaining place to go out for a meal around here, then we could do that – although a meal seems a bit too old for a 9 year old.

The world seems so different from when I was young.

I don’t think my sister did much for her birthday parties until she was a teenager, and neither did I.

Mainly because our birthdays were in the school holidays, so although we did have some old fashioned McDonald’s parties early on, the summer holidays were usually a period where we saw nobody from school.

Having a massive family meant we could go to my nan’s and there’d be plenty of people to play with anyway.

My trio have one little cousin at the moment so it doesn’t quite work for them. They’re dependent on their friends.

There’s a really irritating social pressure to overdo this type of thing now.

Like obviously I want my daughter to have the most amazing and memorable 9th birthday, but bloody hell – I wanted to spend mine at Toys R Us buying stuff to then play with.

My ideal birthday at 9 was to receive and play an awesome console game for 12 hours straight, eat a lot of cake, and go to bed feeling sick.

I’m tempted to leave this one up to Mrs Sheepdog to figure out…

Any suggestions for stuff that might be achievable in a one horse town like Peterborough?

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