Why The Walking Dead is Done For Me

I mentioned in a previous post that I don’t think I’ll bother watching The Walking Dead anymore.

Spoilers ahead, so don’t read unless you’ve seen THIS WEEKS episode.

I look back on the past 8 years and I can’t really pin point when it was ever a top tier A grade show, but it was at one point, maybe season one?

Season 2 was a pointless mess, the arc with The Governor showed that these people could not adapt the comic to the TV, partially due to casting mistakes and partially due to bad writing and mismanagement of funds.

Fleeing the prison, our characters went through another slog of boring mediocre stories where Beth spent 40 minutes trying to have her first swig of alcohol for no good reason before dying a pointless death in the mid-season finale.

Then they got caught by anti climactic cannibals, boring politics at their new community, and all the while I kept holding on because NEGAN is the biggest bad ass they’ll ever cast.

But whilst they’ve actually cast Negan perfectly, they’ve just simply made a crock of his story.

Introducing the weird and terrible junk yard group who have somehow forgotten how to speak basic English since the world ended, they’ve taken time away from the story that should’ve been spent developing The Saviours and The Kingdom.

In comic book land, we’d gone through the same lull but Kirkman turned it around by making All out war a rather compelling story.

They did this first off by having Carl really step up to the plate.

Negan turns up, breaks everyone in like puppies and makes Rick bend the knee. He is so under the thumb he’s having a mental break down.

Carl on the other hand hides in the back of his truck and kills a load of his men, something done in the show but with nowhere near the impact.

Carl becomes the angry rage filled version of Rick who has simply had enough, and it takes Rick time to see that his son is right.

Both sides hatch plans, but Rick’s seem to fail more often than not. Negan pins them all back, similarly to what we’ve got now, and then people like Dwight turn the fight with Rick’s humanity and justice winning out ultimately.

Even if this story starts to seem a little bit trite and obvious, it is always underpinned by the fact that Carl has gone from average kid to legendary leader of men. Rick has a solid team of awesome family that he trusts implicitly.

Andrea is his wife – the show miscast her from day one, and that never happened.

Instead we get this nonsense equivalent in Carol who isn’t half the character Andrea was and who spends half her time on screen just moping about.

Michonne was meant to be Rick’s right hand lady.

She is unstoppable, and she’s the one who has a bit of a thing with Ezekiel, not Carol! Carol is eaten by Walkers back at the prison.

Having Andrea die young in the show, means there’s a void that they’ve foolishly pushed Michonne into, making her character boring and empty because she sits around playing mum to Rick’s kids (who are dead, and/or legendary leaders of men in the comics and don’t need a mum at this point!)

Instead of Michonne being the right hand fighter person, we’ve got Daryl doing the fighting and Carol doing the relationship with The Kingdom, which means Michonne’s awesome story and general personality is split between two shallow characters with nothing going for them.

Even when Andrea would’ve stepped up to do something awesome in the comics, Michonne is benched for Carol who just disappears into the background for half a season before turning up with a sniper rifle when it is convenient to do so.

2-3 seasons ago they should’ve killed her and had a new – well cast – replacement at Alexandria to be Rick’s Andrea. The married woman Rick had a brief affair with would’ve been perfect.

In the past season or so Daryl should’ve 100% died. He is absolutely rotting the show to death by being there now.

Norman Reedus is great, but who cares what Daryl does now? He grunts around shooting, he gets tortured, who cares.

He has taken Carl’s growth away, killed Michonne’s story line, undermined Rick as the alpha male of the team, and then undermined himself because he is paralysed by Negan’s story now.

He can’t go in and do any alpha male fighting because that wrecks the Negan vs Rick story. He can’t become a wimp because they’ve already destroyed three characters to keep him going.

So they’ve decided they need something major to force Rick and Negan into a personal vendetta against each other. Something that’d make the whole war just about the two of them and not anyone else.

To do that – big spoiler coming up – they decided in this most recent episode to have Carl reveal that 3-4 episodes ago he got bit by a walker.

What the hell?!

So firstly – why would that happen? He stupidly fights a few zombies out with his new friend for no good reason and stupidly lets them pin him. He seems to have it under control, but was bitten during that time, and didn’t tell anyone about it until it was convenient for a cliff hanger.

This is meant to take ‘The People vs The Saviours’ down to ‘Rick vs Negan’ – but how does it? Negan didn’t kill Carl! Carl killed himself by being a fool.

But the TV show is going to have Rick go into insane mode and start a rampage to bring down Negan because he’s had enough. There’s no justification for it.

Negan has Rick cornered, and could’ve killed him and half the cast 4-5 times in the last episode alone. He doesn’t because he wants order. He wants to make an example of Rick apparently in front of everyone.

Somehow we are meant to believe that Carl’s death will drive Rick to succeed.

It would cripple him.

What’s worse is they chose to kill the future leader of the gang. They chose to kill a character they’ve neglected for 4-5 years rather than write him a better story that gets him in line.

They could’ve killed the pointless daughter if they’d wanted the drama and rage, and had Carl join his dad. They could’ve made Glen’s death mean enough – like it did in the comic – that Rick didn’t need any more sacrifices to succeed.

Maggie is just about the only character who has followed her own actual story and even that seems a bit tedious now.

Eugene was meant to be a coward ‘ace in the hole’ who might come through for them, but instead he has been given half of Dwight’s story for no reason.

Dwight is no longer the ‘will he betray Negan?’ secret weapon, he is fully on side with Rick whilst Eugene bumbles around ready to do his last minute side switch towards the end of the season when it is convenient.

This show is at its lowest ratings since season 2, and I think it is time they cancelled it.

Don’t bother with ‘Brave New World’ – that was Carl’s world. Rick is meant to be a broken old man in the next few months, having given everything he has to beat Negan’s forces.

Maggie and Carl take on the driving force behind the different communities and go from there.

Without Carl we’re looking at some faceless background nobody running Alexandria, Maggie at Hill top and the others about the place.

I’m done because we know how this plays out now.

First episode back – upset about Carl, goodbye boy. Now it is personal…
Fight back for 6 episodes.
Everyone is cornered again
Death of someone insignificant like Tara.
Major cliff hanger – probably about a poisoned arrow.
Then either the finale, or the Season 9 opener will be the outcome of the cliff hanger, a bit of fighting and resolution, then the jump forward of multiple years will occur.

Or put simply.

Major death – loads of filler – major death – big event – cliff hanger.

The show doesn’t do anything more or less, it is officially D grade television now.

  • A Grade shows like Breaking Bad had a driving story that was always great.
  • B Grade shows are unique and special but maybe don’t blow your mind as much as BB. See Stranger Things which is awesome but not for everyone.
  • C Grade shows like those of the Arrowverse and Buffy have ‘freak of the week’ plus ‘Big Bad’ plus specials and one offs which keep them fresh. They only suffer by trying to appeal to absolutely everyone.
  • D Grade is that ‘try hard’ ‘wannabe’ sort of show that tries to do ‘clever’ things but usually just makes viewers angry. The dumb ‘Glen hid under the dumpster’ nonsense.

    The weak mistakes made by characters that get them bitten when they should know better by now. The flagrant disregard for the source material which would be fine if it was Game of Thrones level writing, but completely unacceptable with these morons in charge.

  • E Grade for me would be almost anything that ends up on ITV. Or when you get hooked into dirty viewing like Casualty on a Saturday night, or Gogglebox because its just brainless and funny.
  • Soaps and reality TV get an F.
  • The Comic has completely turned to trash too, but at least that’s so slow moving they can pull the chain at any moment and grind it to a halt and give it a revamp.

    This will be my last update about The Walking Dead.

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