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A bit of a random update, but a month back someone asked if I could help as their web host is retiring and they wanted someone to take over the task.

I spoke to the host and i’m taking on a few of his accounts, if and when they need changes made they will pay an hourly rate depending on how difficult it is, and beyond that I just need to charge an annual fee to keep their site online.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading about it all and asking the fella who is retiring lots of questions to make sure I understand it all.

I’ve hosted so many of my own sites that it isn’t any different by the look of things, except I just need to set up a cPanel for each of them.

I thought as an update I’d offer hosting to you lot if you ever have a site you need to keep going online. I can provide the space for your site, and email addresses, all you would need to do then is maintain your own site, or pay someone (me?) to make changes as and when they’re required.

The rate that the fella I took over from was charging for annual hosting was around £65 a year, for you I am willing to do it for £35 for 12 months, just get in touch and let me know you read this article!

With that, you’d get your site held on the internet for 12 months, I can set up email addresses for you too, once it’s done and dusted all you need to do is create your own site using the likes of Word Press, or whatever else you wish to do with it.

I’m able to help beyond that, so if you need any web design work doing give me a shout!

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