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Life is funny, I was thinking recently that I should get back in to the habit of reading to my son each night so he gets a story and some calm down time.

We had a bit of play fighting and I read him two books, he went to bed, but then got out of bed about 5 times and wasn’t asleep by the time 10pm came around.

I figured next time stick to the stories and wind him down properly.

But it didn’t work still! He just isn’t all that tired out by 8pm, and so far he seems awake when he’s up at half 7, he’s much better at rising than my daughter, who goes to bed fine, but then hates getting up in the morning

Tonight I thought it might be fun for a change to play a board game. We’ve just got the rather generic ‘Game of Life’ in a 3 for 2 offer and I’ve not played it since I was a kid but I remember really liking it.

This version is much more commercialised than the rather snazzy looking version I used to have that was all rather serious and dry.

This one seems to have been streamlined, and has Trip Advisor marketing on the holiday cards, as well as some other bits and pieces like that.

My old version had buildings that you clipped into the board, and the Wheel merged into place just right.

The money, as far as I recall, went into a Monopoly style banking system.

This one had a wheel that was disconnected entirely, and spinning it disrupted the board.

So soon enough I became the banker and the person who presented the wheel to each player.

A bit of politics and favouritism saw my wife picked as the opponent in every 1 vs 1 task and so she won a fair few of them throughout the game.

I seemed to play a blinder spinning the wheel, and was the first to retire, but the only things I did with my life were own a house, build a snail farm and start a family band.

Eerily my character had a wife and 3 kids too.

I was also a spy, which is so close to real life it is uncanny.

I enjoyed the action cards, I don’t remember these being like this, but you’d pick one and it’d tell you to do something fun or answer some conversational questions that if you were playing with other people you’d get a conversation going.

It didn’t work much on the kids, but they were excited to be playing a game they’ve played at nursery in the past.

Back to the parenting stuff, my kids were actually surprisingly patient with this and listened, waited their turn etc.

I was convinced they’d rip up the money or lose pieces, but they were great.

Oddly, they even went to bed first time and so far, touch wood, they’ve stayed there! Albeit they went to bed over 90 minutes late because the game over ran.

The point of this update was that I don’t really understand how normal families do all this on a regular basis.

We’re told kids need 12 hours sleep to function properly. That means to get to school for 9 they have to be awake by 8, which means getting to sleep by 8.

Does anybodies kid go to sleep by 8?! If yours does, and they sleep through to 8am, how are you doing it?

I find that I get in from work at 6 most nights, or if I have to pick them up from nursery then it is more like 6:30.

We eat dinner together at the table and are done either by 6:45 or by 7:15 depending on the day as above.

Some how we’re meant to read and play and entertain and bond in that remaining 45-75 minutes but it tends to be a mad rush of homework and sorting stuff out.

When they’re finally in pyjamas, with their teeth brushed, it’s basically 8pm and time for sleep.

We decided to do a game tonight, and lost an hour of sleep time. Yesterday I decided to read and they lost an hour. So presumably it isn’t possible to get 12 hours.

Do some of you go for 10-11 hours and then spend another hour with them and make bed time 8:30-9:00?

If so, how on Earth do you get anything else done with your evening? We’re supposed to get 8 hours sleep ourselves!

My daily time table seems a bit rushed and non stop, but it is probably normal and useful as it makes the weeks go by in a blink every time.

I just want to feel like i’m spending more of that time with my kids and right now it seems like a rushed 45 minute block with continuous cries of GO TO BED beyond that is the norm.

Suggestions welcome, but unless you know how to create more time I’m probably stuck!

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