Crisis on Earth X (Arrowverse)

I wrote how it seemed as though Arrowverse was going down the toilet a few weeks back, and I stand by the fact that the respective shows are having weird seasons so far. Flash is starting to grow on me, Iris has gone through a lot of character development and I think the bits that were frustrating before have been nipped in the bud.

Arrow still seems overly dramatic and silly, Legends of Tomorrow is whacky and fun, and Supergirl has been really sad so far this year with lots of drama in the character’s family lives.

The Cross over episode this year is a 4 part ‘Crisis on Earth X’ – The Nazis have won WW2 on Earth X and evil versions of Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, and other characters from the series have come to Earth 1 to assimilate them and take over.

It feels a little bit cheesy that they picked Nazis, like they couldn’t get another villainous group through the minds of young Americans somehow.

That said, the rest of the premise has been awesome.

Pitting Supergirl against an evil version of herself, an evil Oliver and a living reverse flash. It seems like they’ve written to strengths of their actors and actresses by having the ‘better’ ones play their evil doubles.

I think Grant Gustin is an awesome actor, but I couldn’t take him seriously as an evil Flash, they tried it before and it wasn’t all that convincing! Evil Legends doesn’t much work either since half of them already are, or have been in the past!

I’ve only been able to watch the first half so far and it has been very cool.

They are treating it like a good opportunity to strip away some of the aggro from the previous episodes of each show.

The drama from Kara and Alex’s relationships is passing. Oliver and Felicity are having their beef out amongst the fighting – presumably to build up to a ‘shock’ marriage from them.

The quips and comedy has been particularly fun throughout and the message so far seems to be that the Arrowverse heroes need to toughen up and stop being so pathetic.

The Earth X Nazis have been watching the respective heroes of Earth 1 and they’re disgusted with how weak and American they are.

I kinda hope that even though the heroes will win hands down, perhaps they’ll also realise and overcome some of their flaws and stop being so drippy.

This seems like an opportunity to start tightening up the stories and not having easy ways out of issues.

I wont go on too much longer because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone interested in watching it, but it feels like they’ve shown they can indeed write a good story.

They need to whittle out bits like saying HASHTAG – which they said again this episode! They could do with not trying to ‘reveal’ some things that are painfully obvious (eg they hide who the villains are for the first episode despite it clearly being Oliver and Kara!)

One thing that also grates the hell out of me is they keep referencing Marvel heroes, either as though they don’t exist and are pop culture, or because they exist. Either way it isn’t right in a DC show damn it!

Overall they’ve shown that within this universe there’s a great roster of heroes, with more to come from what I’ve read!

I’m looking forward to part 3 and 4 hopefully set on Earth X!

Check it out on iTunes now, or on Sky next week! You’ll enjoy it.

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