Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 First Thoughts

My family have really enjoyed co-op play with me through the early stages of Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 – it also feels to me like a real upgrade on the original game from a few years back.

LMSH 1 was a great game but it felt like they were merely showcasing the fact they had the rights to Marvel and as a result they tried really hard to shoe horn 180 ‘known’ characters into the game to show off what they could do with that licence.

The story wasn’t all that complicated, it was essentially multiple bad guys causing trouble around the city whilst the good guys fought them. A chance to introduce every bad guy they could with a brief threat that required defeating.

We then had Lego Avengers, which was literally a blow by blow lego version of the Age of Ultron movie. It was an ok game, but not really worthy of spending a few evenings on when you’ve already seen the film.

What they were lacking is a proper story that takes on some of the villains from the history of Marvel and creates a proper bespoke ‘Lego Marvel’ story that is tailor made.

In comes Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 it starts with the Guardians of the Galaxy handling a major Celestial attack, introducing you to the various controls and new concepts the game has that set it apart from the other Lego titles.

This first mission introduces the antagonist of the game. A being called Kang in his giant sword shaped space ship, who is seemingly trying to build a city called Chronopolis which merges together various parts of the universe (from various time eras) in one centralised place.

This means that long dead heroes are alive and well in their own eras. Characters who live in other far flung places, or from the future, are finding their worlds converging with others, which is a great little mechanism for allowing the player to navigate between worlds, eras and stories as they progress.

It seems like they’ve built on the 180 characters you could get in the first game by adding in another 25 (including variants).

That said, they’ve not done this the easy way, simply adding 25 new people in.

They’ve omitted The X-Men which were a huge roster from the first, along with characters from Fantastic 4, and even Deadpool.

These have been replaced with more ‘up and coming’ characters from the comics, TV shows and Films.

It seems a lot tidier to me this time. We have the key Avengers that we know and love from the movies. We have the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The newer Marvel heroes like Squirrel Girl, Spider Gwen and the Inhuman royal family seem to be included alongside plenty of villains who weren’t included previously.

This is a story about them. Perhaps the other characters will arrive further down the line inside some DLC stories? Since they already ‘coded’ them for the first game.

The different eras mean that you have access to versions of characters from different times.

Wild West Captain America. Spiderman from the future and past.

With Groot, who was a baby in the most recent film, you can press a button to switch him into adult Groot at will using a special device he keeps handy as the game progresses.

The different worlds brought together by Kang seem to cherry pick some of the coolest periods of the Marvel’s rich history.

It’s unclear to me whether these are missions, or merely ‘character incarnations’ but you get Hulk in his Ragnarok (Planet Hulk/World War Hulk) battle armour and other appearances. We have Spiderman Noir and Spiderman 2099 depending on the mission too.

The voice acting is something I mentioned on this week’s Mature Gamer.

Obviously they’d never get the real voice actors to come and do the voice over work here, it can be slightly jarring hearing Groot without Vin Diesel’s amazing voice work.

Paying for a copy of his ‘I AM GROOT’ recordings would’ve been worth the investment presuming he/marvel was reasonable about it.

So far this game seems to be a lot cleverer than the previous Lego Marvel games, although boss battles are no longer ‘puzzles’ but more like God of War style fights where you need to do certain things and the boss battle evolves as you go.

It feels better to have it this way rather than just trying to hit a celestial three times and its dead.

They’ve made an effort to design quality bosses and that are defeated in the story rather than beside it.

The general levels are still little puzzles for you to complete, some of which are challenging even for me – most of the earliest missions involve hunting out items or figuring out how to reach a certain place.

It is standard Lego game logistics really and if you’ve played any before then you’ll know what to expect.

I don’t think there’s much more for me to say on this but i’m willing to answer any questions you have.

My advice would be if you like Marvel games then get this one!

If you have kids, or want something to do as a family then this is the game for you! It has 2 player co-op, and you can switch who plays as who if and when the puzzle requires a bit of focus from a parent.

If you fancy getting it on Amazon then why not check it out here: Lego Marvel Superheroes 2

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