I’m Looking for Writing Gigs

I mentioned a few times on Twitter that I’d like to get some writing gigs under my belt to get a bit of regular ‘extra’ income in place.

Some great suggestions have come in and I’m currently looking at Fiverr as an option – but my word these sites are overly complicated!

I looked at Freelancer – you need to bid for work and then have absolutely no way of knowing whether you were rejected or accepted, or whether the person is still considering options. It baffles me that such a terrible interface could have made it to be such a popular website.

I tried to get into it none the less, and I’m glad I’ve not had much luck so far as from what I understand, they force you to give them bank details and then charge your account for their rather than just taking it out of the funds they pay me when a job is completed!

I applied at Upwork and was told that my skills weren’t in demand, which is fair enough, but I was then told their site is similarly awkward to use and a their customer service is supposedly poor.

Fiverr does look better and I am being shown the ropes by the lovely @AlysianahNoire but even then there are so many bits to tweak and twiddle with that I sat down to do it the other day and felt dizzy trying to build a proposal.

It seems like these sites are great for people who have established profiles, but unless you’re an early access person it takes a lot of digging and elbowing around to really make headway.

Unfortunately, since coming off of my tablets, I’m still in a position where if something gets slightly stressful and over complicated I begin to feel a bit sick and so I’m distancing myself from doing it until I’m in a frame of mind that will manage it properly.

I have looked at other places and I end up stuck in the same split mindset:

  • Give up – this isn’t a *need* – I just enjoy writing and thought I could make a go at doing it in my spare time to build up some funds to do more. These sites are really frustrating and I don’t need to wind myself up like this!
  • Build my own site and do what they do, better.

    I purchased fourlancer.com and planned to collect up the contact details of people like me, who are looking for work. I would then take the list to people who need workers and distribute tasks until everyone is busy and I make a small % off of each job, but that is quite a big task.

  • Stop procrastinating and write my book(s) – I have written the frame and I’m into writing the full chapters of ‘The Other Side’ but trying to complete the whole story in November is unrealistic and it is something that I was foolish to put myself in for with the same health issues above in mind.

    I need to be consistently writing on here to keep my mind sharp, but also I need to realise that I’m not 100%, and even people at 100% don’t try to do a 9-5, raise a young family, write a book, build a website, do the podcasts, and fit in the inordinate amount of TV shows I watch each week, with gaming shoehorned in too.
  • It’s irritating to be honest that I can’t crack the situation, I feel like if I could get a bit of writing going I could then use the cash from that to fund my books, buying new games, or covering gaps in busy months like Xmas and Birthdays.

    If I could use that money to get an editor/proofreader/etc for my book(s) and generally be a bit more ‘capable’ with all that, it would be great.

    I imagine eventually I’d stop writing for others and focus purely on my own stuff, but I need to start by writing for others and make the most of my time.

    I’m a little frustrated that I don’t have additional in demand skills. I’m terrible at drawing and art, and whilst I know that arena isn’t exactly crying out for more people, at least if I enjoyed art I could create things and then offer them out to the world.

    Do you know anyone who needs a writer at all? I’d love to talk to people about writing opportunities on a ‘as required’ basis. The same goes for any other skills you think I could be of use for.

    I do a lot of corporate writing, marketing, bid preparation, and general business writing at work.

    In my spare time it is mainly creative writing, reviews and articles.

    I’ve written technical reports, essays, research papers, and all sorts of other projects.

    All the proof reading, editing and rewriting tasks that complement this list are also welcome recommendations.

    I just don’t know where to start / continue really!

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