Toast of London

A short one this week – I thought I’d ask for a recommendation, so if you have one let me know, and check this show out if you haven’t already!

Looking for something to watch with my wife, we stumbled across Matt Berry’s ‘Toast of London’.

What an insane little show he has there. I can’t believe it started 5 years ago and this is the first we’ve seen of it!

I’m sure we’re miles behind the rest of you, but for anyone else who was as oblivious as me, here’s a quick run down.

Berry plays a failing actor called ‘Steve Toast’ who seems to just go from one absurd job to another.

He has dubbed the digital voice for a nuclear submarine, acted in the worlds worst play, tried out for James Bond, appeared in a middle eastern film about killing Prince Philip and many other random and ridiculous acting positions.

The last episode we had on showed him do voice over for a Danish gay porno. The noises he is making with his arch nemesis Ray Purchase were incredible.

The background characters who were watching on were almost certainly laughing along with the acting, there’s no way you could watch it and keep a straight face.

Ray is a fantastic nemesis – Toast slept with his wife and ultimately has no reason to hate Purchase, but he does, and Purchase hates him.

There are hilarious fake cameos throughout the show, we’ve had Andrew Lloyd Webber the kingpin, an African Goddess who had plastic surgery which went wrong and now she looks like Bruce Forsythe, and all sorts of additional absurdity.

There are a lot of impressive guest stars through it too, since by this point Berry is famous enough to have contacts throughout the industry. Michael Ball keeps appearing in this same episode as Lloyd Webber’s hit man and debt collector. He’s brilliant!

This is like a ‘real world’ acting based version of Garth Merenghi’s Dark Place. It has all of the ridiculous acting, songs and style. You never know where it is going to go next, and it is absolutely riddled with plot holes.

It feels like Berry is playing every character he has ever played, even his voice over work from Absolute Radio, all in one massive range which feels extremely varied, and all exactly the same thing, at the same time. It is a bit hard to describe any better than that, but he is a man with an incredible voice, incredible hair, and a brilliant sense of style and humour.

He is the coolest character in every show, even in a show where he’s supposed to be a bit of a loser!

We have about 12 episodes left, and all 18 of them are on Netflix in the UK so you can grab then if you haven’t seen it already.

I assume it must have only just been added in there as it came up in the ‘recently added’ or ‘trending now’ sections as far as I can recall.

I don’t really venture beyond those areas at the moment unless recommended to, so you should be able to find it pretty quickly.

I’m honestly surprised I never saw it sooner – three seasons too!

What else is there out there that I should watch along these lines? Give me a list!

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