The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 3

I know I write about The Walking Dead quite often here, but we’re a few episodes into the new season and I was thinking it was pretty good but not exactly outstanding. I’ve spoken to a few major fans, and a few who are big comic readers but are a little so-so on the series, and they all seem to feel that this season has been a little bit ‘meh’ so far.

I find that a bit surprising because last year was build up, this year is supposed to be pay off. Nobody is saying this season is ‘bad’ but it feels like folk were so burnt out from the false starts and the filler episodes that they are less able to enjoy the ‘All Out War’ side of things.

One complaint has been that Daryl is full on relentless now, he gives no consideration as he mercilessly shoots down Negan’s men and women indiscriminately. For me it feels like the series is building towards something more than just massacring The Saviours. .

Rick, Karl, Ezekiel, Maggy and Jesus are still in the old mindset of keeping folk alive and not giving in to the urge to slaughter them. Daryl, Carol, Morgan, Enid and Tara are much less forgiving and seem happy to slaughter their enemies and take no prisoners in the war to end all wars.

As a plot, that’s a bit played out and I hope they’re not hedging their entire season on showing the group how most of them have a bit of Negan inside of them. I know where the comic goes with its version of this story but it doesn’t appear to be following that pattern.

I wonder whether Rick is going to end things by ‘punishing’ those that choose the path of unjust murder over imprisonment.

There seems to be a marked difference between someone shooting at Rick and him shooting them back, vs him asking someone to step out and talk to them in the agreement that they can go free afterwards. I feel like Daryl has crossed a line and maybe he and Morgan – if they both survive the season – should be behind bars at the start of season 9.

I feel like so far this attack on Negan has been a bit too easy. He’s nowhere to be seen as Rick goes from camp to camp shooting the place up. At the end of episode 3 it felt like the worm was turning slightly and that episode 4 might be a big more of a fight.

But I no longer feel like Negan has them outnumbered and outgunned. I appreciate they build an army through allying various communities but this is still a David vs Goliath battle and Rick seems to have bloodied more than a few noses.

Things are setting up nicely for Maggie to be more of a leader. I feel like they need to progress her pregnancy since it has been two seasons now since the baby was announced, but apparently in the show it has only been a couple of months at most! So we’re watching weeks of their lives go by across years of our own, and that is starting to show.

This season is setting up for Maggie to assert control over Hill Top, but apparently we wont see her give birth – so we know the story of this season takes place in less than 6-7 months and is probably only a week or two tops.

I fully expect – judging by the random flash forwards from the first episode and – Spoiler Alert – – – – – – – – – – -> how it moves things ahead dramatically in the Comics – we will see a jump forward between seasons 8 and 9 of the show. I can’t really tell whether the show will go on in the same capacity, but I’m going to make some guesses.

I think Andrew Lincoln will be kept in the show by taking a reduced roll. Old man Rick is the leader who oversees policy not day to day fighting. Karl can take on thar position while Michonne is out and about doing her thing.

Carol and Daryl don’t exist at the point or at all in the comics. I think they’ll be in exile, or in prison, or in Carol’s case – dead.

I think Maggie will be leader of Hill top with Enid helping her to raise the baby. People like Jesus will be heroes who keep the community going.

Ezekiel will be running his own kingdom, and if she survives, I think Carol will be hanging out with him still perhaps. I hope they keep Shiva around, but wouldn’t count on it.

I think Morgan and Tara are as good as dead now. There’s no reason for them to survive the season ahead.

I can’t wait for the show to have a set community again and have everyone looking after a set place.

There are some great villains ahead and there’d be some great opportunities to develop some threats that are specific to the show again rather than constantly delivering us the comic’s villains each time. I guess they’ve given us the people that live at the junk yard and they could maybe become a threat along with the wolf people from a few seasons back.

The thing I’d like to see most is some evolution from the zombies. Like maybe something changes slightly to make them more of a threat. The show has never been about the zombies and the threat has always been people – but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a bit of a zombie story line for once!

What are you thinking of season 8 so far? Do you read the comics?

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