So we’re reaching the end of October and thoughts turn to the annual tradition of National Novel Writing Month.

The plan, or ‘trick’ is to try and belt out a certain amount of words a day every day for the full thirty days of November.

No worrying about content, quality, editing, spelling and grammar, whether the project is ‘right’ and so forth.

Just write, and write, and write.

A couple of people have said they were also looking at it too but they’re not sure how it will go.

I personally plan on aiming for 1000 words a day.

You might notice that I also aim to make this blog reach 1000 words a day every time I get writing.

I aim to properly stick to daily writing here, no compromises.

Since doing this I’ve ended up writing entire articles on my phone at 11:30 at night just to do it.

I don’t do it because I think someone is going to be sat there waiting for my words to pop up. (I wish!)

I do it because I want un-compromised consistency. I want to generate a routine that becomes easier every time i do it.

There are days where it isn’t easier.

Some days I look at this blog and get a headache trying to think of ways to fit something together that hits 1000 words.

I’ve got a ton of draft articles strewn through my site where I started writing the next part of my Walking Dead story, or War of the Roses, or I had an idea but ran out of steam only 300 words deep.

I don’t count them as part of my count, I start again until I do a solid 1000.

I’m pleased with myself so far because i’m being disciplined with it even though it doesn’t matter.

Like if I can keep getting this trivial site right then the rest should hopefully fall into place in time.

I was shocked though, that this site has today surpassed 10,000 reads!

A read is measured by a legitimate IP address (person) clicking onto the site, and spending more than 90 seconds (or so) on a specific page, with that page selected (ie not in the background).

It whittles out geographic locations prone to be bots too, so I feel confident the number is real.

I also appreciate a lot of it is basically the volume of content – like if I wrote 10,000 articles then got 1 person to read them all that’d be the same…

Anyway, enough waffle with that – my point is there’s enough of you out there that i’m baffled and excited to know you’re there.

Thank you!

So NaNoWriMo2017 –

I have been thinking long and hard about what I want to do and I have options to look at here.

I could continue War of the Roses, and reach around 50,000 words with that by the end of November.

That wouldn’t make it finished by any stretch, but it’d give me a solid block of book to build on moving forward.

I had a long chat with a good friend of mine about my plans to make a comic called ‘The Other Side’ she loves the concept and was asking me to ‘flesh it out a bit more for her’ to give her an idea of where I was going beyond the premise.

After doing so, she asked me why i wanted to make a comic of it.

I said that it originally looked like a book, then a game, then a comic seemed like a good format because I could write it in volumes and potentially fund it with a kickstarter or something.

My plan had been to release the first comic for free. Give the 2nd and third as pledge incentives, and then make number 4 onwards once I had the funds in place to do it justice.

The trouble with that approach is skills, money and so forth. I can write it and doodle it. I have two people who can cover the art for me which I think would be the right number. But then if it doesn’t pick up, which is a very real possibility, it’ll be a train wreck.

My friend asked me why I went away from the book option. We started spitballing it as a book trilogy and I wrote out the plans for book one and two.

She thinks a book would be better, and I agree because I can get through 40k words in November with ease and have most of this done. There’d still be some artwork needed, but no funding requirements.

I wouldn’t need to go into some kind of major campaign mode to get everyone to pledge £10+ so I could complete a vanity project.

Instead I can create the whole thing, and release it on amazon once the editing process has taken place.

I always worried about having pledges pay to help me create something, as then it feels like anyone else who buys it is getting it subsidised by the real supporters, the people i’d rather give it to for free if that was remotely viable!

For those that have never heard me talk about it, ‘The Other Side’ is about the leader of a town who have survived well in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

They’re a thriving community, the undead are more like wild animals than a genuine threat anymore, people stay away from them and they don’t tend to die that often. The warring people have all killed each other and things are clam.

Until the leader is killed. Instead of following the community in the aftermath of his death, we follow the story of the leader waking up in the afterlife.

He meets someone who is presumably St Peter. He explains that the leader is lucky to have died when he did – the afterlife is nearly full and within 2-3 months it’ll be closed for good.

They discuss what on earth that means, and Pete offers him the option of heading into the afterlife to take his place, or to go back to his community and try to bring his family through with him before its too late.

Not wanting to damn them for eternity by losing their spaces in the afterlife, he opts to go back to the living world.

Unfortunately like all zombies, he can’t talk and his body is already in the processes of rotting away.

He has to try and save his family and friends – by killing them – to get them into the afterlife.

Against the clock of his own body giving up, his need to eat flesh to survive, and the afterlife ‘capacity’ being met, closing his wife and kids out forever more.

I’d originally toyed with having an antagonist who murders the leader.

But whilst writing this, inspiration struck and I think another ‘side’ story for this would be to have the murderer be a mystery. That’d be great fun to write.

I feel a buzz about this story idea at the moment but I don’t know what folk would prefer.

Shall I write War of the Roses first or The Other Side?

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