Rick and Morty Season 4

Season 3 of Rick and Morty came to an end recently and like the preceding two seasons, it was superb.

I think this article gets a bit hard to follow due to the amount of times I write Rick and Morty but if you read it slowly it ought to all add up in the end!

We had an ongoing battle against the Citadel of Ricks, the central nexus in the multiverse where every single version of Rick, and their assigned Morty meet to decide how they will use their extreme intelligence, or make up new plans for their various schemes.

I love how much ‘Our Rick’ or who we presume ‘Our Rick’ (Rick C-137) to be, absolutely despises all other Ricks to the point where he will gladly lay waste to them at any given opportunity.

‘Our Morty’ – Morty C-137 seems to hate his Rick and all other Rick’s more and more throughout season 3, but equally can’t break his ‘role’ as the designated Morty sidekick for Rick C-137.

We had a brilliant episode where it showed The Citadel of Ricks trying to rebuild from the destruction in the first episode of the season.

Their election for a new leader sees the surprising outcome of a Morty (actually, Evil Morty) being made president of the Citadel.

I’d like to see where that goes in Season 4 – the ongoing theory is that since Morty is 14 ish and Rick is 70 ish, Mortys age into Ricks over time and are actually the same person.

This was hinted to during the Citadel elections when we were shown ‘Tall Morty’ who was just a dumb Rick.

Almost like he hadn’t aged enough yet to become a Rick, and as such was still stupid. I feel like maybe our Rick is one of the oldest, hence him being the most hateful and the cleverest.

There’s also the fact that every girl Morty ever falls in love with looks a little like his mother, Beth.

Suggesting he might be his own mother’s dad.

Beth always ends up with a Jerry, the most pitiful human in existence, and a Beth and a Jerry always produce a Morty and a Summer.

If Morty became Rick, then it would potentially explain why he hates Jerry so much.

He hates him for making him exist, for being his terrible dad growing up, and then becoming his terrible son in law as an adult.

His entire life would be plagued by how terrible Jerry is and it is touched on that Mortys are always so pathetic and stuttery as children because of Jerry’s pathetic personality.

I always think that Morty’s stutter and Rick’s drunken gaseous burp are potentially one and the same thing. Like Morty is polite enough to hold it in, whereas Rick doesn’t give a shit.

Knowing that Mortys become Ricks – Evil Morty being the president of the citadel is interesting because we could end up with an ‘Evil Rick’ that thinks he is somehow more hateful than C-137 Rick.

Our Rick would surely show him the truth, but again it makes me wonder whether every cycle of Rick creating Beth who creates Morty who becomes Rick might see the Morty, and therefore the Rick, get a little more evil.

Maybe their hate for Jerry grows and grows every cycle. Instead of being just an array of alternate universe Ricks, some could also be alternate timeline Ricks that are at various points along their path of evil.

This would explain some of the kinder Ricks and Mortys that are a little too pathetic, and create a measurable point of how many cycles they’ve been through based on how evil they are.

It’d be great for C-137 Rick and Morty to take on Evil Rick and Morty, killing them but also killing Rick.

Only for him to be reborn as Evil Morty who becomes Evil Rick, making C-137 Rick the current 2nd most evil Rick, and always destined to return as Evil Morty when he dies.

They could then follow up with a second part to this story where C-137 Rick is now Evil Rick and he has come up against his past self.

He and Morty would have to find a way to break the cycle and beat themselves to survive, or accept death as part of the cycle.

I’d like to see them do this, and force Rick into an impossible situation where he has already defeated Evil Rick, but then becomes Evil Rick and has to try and beat himself.

I think Rick is clever enough that he can do that and in fact has a plan that enables him to transcend Evil Rick and become the ultimate Omega Rick – who prefers the mantel C-137 because it helps continuity.

From that point, the show needs to go to reach at least 9 seasons so that Rick can reach his ultimate goal of finding a place in the multiverse that still sells McDonald’s Mulan Szechuan Teriyaki Dipping Sauce.

That’s the final scene of season nine done and dusted.

Between now and that point would be an endless stream of increasingly Evil Rick’s trying to take shots at the ultimate Rick, while he continues on his adventures.

I want to see more of Bird Person, or Phoenix person as he is now known. I feel like they need to ration the Mr Poopy Pants and Mr Meeseek cameos like they did this year, because whilst they’re fan favourites, there has to be a reason to include them.

They’ve done some amazing episodes about false implanted memories, other species’ taking control of the world over the human race, and Rick’s agenda to get rid of Jerry once and for all was thwarted.

I would like to see more awesome scientific stories, more fun and games with ‘how would you know if…’ style puzzles, and I’d like to see what Rick’s next plan is for removing Jerry altogether. He can’t seem to kill him, or to make his family dump him, so he needs a new method.

Ultimately they trolled viewers at the end of season 3 by saying the next season would not be out for a long long time, I’d like to see them drop it sooner as a surprise. It cant be *that* difficult to animate.

The hype is huge right now.

If you’ve not watched it yet, stick it on, its on Netflix. Watch 3 episodes and it’ll have you hooked.

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