DC Legends of Tomorrow Review

Often considered the poor relation, Legends of Tomorrow has reinvented itself two seasons in a row and comes on leaps and bounds each time.

Season one was decent, Rip Hunter recruited a group of disposable ‘C List’ heroes from the Arrowverse and convinced them that working with him to kill Randal Savage would make them heroes, or LEGENDS.

The show was great fun, but Rip was horrific. He was badly written, and like many shows, there was a lot damage done by having a crew of ‘misfits’ that don’t know what they’re doing bumbling around being foolish.

They made the bold choice to bench Rip in season 2. I was kind of glad, and it has given the rest of the crew the opportunity to expand into a stronger team.

They made the fantastic decision to have some of the best villains from the Arrowverse appear in the show simultaneously as the Legion of Doom, and their exploits caused no end of Time dramas which The Legends are now paying for in season 3.

Season 3 has kicked off with another fantastic rebirth of to the series. Rip now works for a Time agency who are charged with fixing the mess made by The Legends.

They have the fancy tools and know how, whilst The Legends have a bit of a bee in their bonnet about being told to go home and leave time travel to the professionals.

They’ve stolen back their ship, and are now tracking the huge map of faults throughout history where they’ve caused problems to occur. Some are much bigger than others, and their challenge and direction for the season ahead seems to be clear. Repair as much of that damage as they can.

This is a superb concept and there is infinite mileage there for seasons to come, although I envisage them fixing it well before season 4 or 5 comes around. They’re starting to prove themselves as worthy of the responsibilities they possess and the injection of new blood from the Time Agency who are all super serious jobsworths with rods up their backsides, has been fantastic.

The Legends have gone from greenhorn newbies to independent professionals who aren’t phased by the types of threats that the agency take all too seriously. They can solve an issue ad-hoc and get along fine whereas the Agency expects their members to act with strict rigid precision.

I hope that this season sees them go from the bane of the agency to the ‘go to heroes’ that the agency come to depend on. They doubt their every moves and they pour scorn on them at every opportunity. It seems natural that they will eventually be beneath the Legends as they ascend to greatness.

In fact, I would love the twist to be that Rip set this all up to force an air of legitimacy around The Legends, forcing them to up their game to usurp the rigid agents.

In this season I would like to see a few bits happen:

I want Snart back! Prison Break is over and done with. There’s no reason for Captain Cold to be gone anymore and he is an integral part of the Legends. Mick is great without him but they were the double act of all double acts when he was there and I want to see a multi part story where he returns.

Ray needs to fully fix his shrink suit and be a full on Atom again on a regular basis. There’s no point him being just small sometimes etc.

I’d like to see some of the B team characters from the other shows take some time out on Legends to get some changes going. For example, there’s nothing to stop the Team Arrow newbies from working with the legends for a bit, send them away, train them up in some ancient bad ass martial artist place, then plop them back in with Oli and the team a day later as though nothing happened – but legitimately have them at their A game. That might be hard to pull off, but it is also feasible for the universe they live in and would get rid of some of the hindrances from Arrow especially.

I’d love to see reverse flash make a reappearance as part of the fixes to the time line. He is notorious for finding ways around not existing and coming back from the dead at every time he sees fit.

I was also laughing to myself thinking about how they should do a jokey ‘cameo’ where the team head to Gotham to avert a time crisis, and accidentally prevent the murder of the Wayne family. Eliminating Batman from their universe, and timeline, entirely and establishing why a world with Arrow and Flash, has no other members of the justice league (bar Superman, Supergirl and Martian Man Hunter who live in a different universe currently – which had to be that way to establish why Superman existed pre Supergirl, but hadn’t ever appeared in Arrow and Flash.

Since The Legends travel around in both Time and Space, it would be awesome sauce if they also visited Krypton as part of their ‘fixing the time line’ stuff. If they had to be part of the reason the planet died in this universe, and then caused Kara and Clark to be sent to Earth back in the 80s, and suddenly they are interwoven into our timeline, then all they would need to do is collapse Supergirl’s universe in on ours and use wizardly writing to make the result be that the Supergirl team are all exactly the same personas, have all the same memories, and are essentially the same characters as the show currently has, BUT their entire history is set inside our universe alongside Flash and Arrow, all because The Legends fixed an issue in the time line…

DC Legends has great potential to be the show that fixes universal holes and issues for the Arrowverse. Any time that a consistency error has occurred these guys are suddenly the in built continuity correctors.

They could even return dead heroes, set new characters down a path that leads them to become heroes, or generally act as a convenient wand for making the Arrowverse as cool as possible.

I could go on, but ultimately I am very pleased with the new season of Legends of Tomorrow so far. Compared to Arrow it is amazing. Flash is wobbling for me, Supergirl seems as awesome as always. I can easily see me finishing this round of seasons with the Legends being my favourites.

I hope they get the adventures they deserve!

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