South Park – The Fractured But Whole – Preview

The day is finally here! The Fractured But Whole has opened arrived!

It’s currently installing, so this isn’t going to be a review, but I have already played parts of it and I am so freaking excited!

This week on television we saw the ‘Franchise Prequel’ episode of South Park.

Fresh from signing up their newest member ‘Fast Pass’ the stand up comedian Jimmy, who can’t really stand up without the help of two crutches due to his disabilities.

Coon and Friends are designing their extensive franchise of superhero shows, films games and so forth which they plan to pitch to Netflix because Netflix will green light literally anything.

Unfortunately professor chaos has other ideas, and is using an army of trolls and a premium Facebook service to spread rumours and fake news about Coon and Friends which puts their entire movie franchise into jeopardy.

Nobody wants to touch a franchise run by superheroes who eat poop and other outrageous things. Their franchise is the first to receive a ‘no’ from Netflix.

When they try to fight the professor they find that part of the premium Facebook service is protection from Mark Zuckerberg himself.

Determined to clear their names, and remove fake news from Facebook, Coon and Friends take on Zuckerberg head on, and beat him into submission.

They may win the battle, but Coon and Friends can’t recover from this drama and members of the team begin to realise that their characters aren’t getting the same level of attention as Tupperware and Mosquito.

Mysterion only gets a video game tie in, the worst insult of all!

This is where the series ends and the game begins. Coon and friends are in disarray – some might say they’re ‘Fractured’.

When I tried out the game at EGX earlier this year, it was Captain Diabetes and ‘New Kid’ your member of the team and the character that you play as.

Straight away this shows how strong South Park is getting, in that you can have B/C list characters taking over the story for entire chapters and lose nothing from the quality.

The Stick of Truth didn’t shackle you to specific characters, but I personally felt like I didn’t want to miss characters like Butters because from a story perspective I assumed they’d have the most going for them, and from a game perspective they had some good moves for damaging multiple characters.

Captain Diabetes is accompanying New Kid to a strip club to try and track down a woman with a penis tattoo who has some information they need. The mission was pretty disgusting to be honest, but funny, and it showed off much of what the game has to offer.

It would be interesting to see in the full game whether you can play with different characters during this mission and the other missions, as I can then try it with someone else.

You can interact with the people of South Park like in the original, either talking to them, kicking them, or farting in their general direction. These abilities can be used to break and set fire to items, unlock puzzles and so forth.

The new battle system is more tactical, splitting the battlefield into squares.

You can do moves that affect anybody standing within the blast range, friend or foe, meaning you can move around and line things up to do the perfect assault rather than just standing face to face with the villain like an old school RPG, hitting attack / summon / magic / item each time. (Don’t get me wrong, I like that).

I was delighted to see that my review copy of Fractured But Whole is the gold edition, which means it comes with the season pass, and costumes for some characters, which are throwbacks to The Stick of Truth.

The DLC stories sound pretty fun, with Timmy taking on the Professor X role within Coon and friends, and the Goth Kids trying to summon demons at Cartman’s favourite restaurant.

I will do an updated review once I have the chance to play it properly and do the game justice. I am extremely excited to get my hands on it though!

I almost didn’t get it today. I emailed Ubisoft to ask if my copy was coming yesterday. This morning they said no.

I replied explaining how I’d asked for this over a year ago and been in touch almost monthly trying to ensure all was in place as I was so stoked about playing this out of all the games coming out this year.

I didn’t expect a positive reply so I ordered it from GAME. I must’ve literally just clicked ‘order’ and then I received a code via email from an apologetic lady at Ubisoft who said she’d found my requests.


I hope they do some pre game cartoon content, but regardless of whether they do or do not I recommend that you check out the following episodes of South Park before you play so that you can appreciate the full story of Coon and Friends. They start properly in season 13 and are scattered throughout from there, but the characters go back as far as season 6 back in 2002:

Professor Chaos – Season 6 Episode 6
The Simpsons Already Did It – Season 6 Episode 7
Good Times with Weapons – Episode 8 Season 1
The Coon – Season Thirteen Episode 2.
The Coon 2: Hindsight – Season 14 episode 11.
Mysterion Rises – Season 14 episode 12
Coon vs. Coon and Friends – Season 14 episode 13
Butterballs – Season 16 Episode 5
Franchise Prequel – Season 21 Episode 4

This game is a long time coming, I remember thinking when ‘Stick of Truth’ was released that it was surprising they hadn’t gone for a Coon and Friends game first.

I’m glad they didn’t though. The whole Lord of The Rings themed story was great and quite original for the show. This fits right into the lore of the series and I hope that will mean a few more ‘in’ jokes from the episodes above.

Obviously The Stick of Truth was rammed with 18 plus seasons of in jokes and references, we’ve got even more to fit in this time around! With the show going strong in its 21st season.

Let me know your thoughts if you’ve played it. I will do a proper write up, and will also review it on this weeks episode of Mature Gamer along with Shadow of War which I also need to review!

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