I’ve been away this weekend and so today’s post is just going to be a short update for my own benefit.

I’m on day 7 of my ‘cold turkey’ from anti-depressants and right now I feel alright bar from some minor dizziness that is messing me up.

I’ve been alright for the most part this past week, but have experienced some bizarre forgetfulness.

Really trivial things, like agreeing to store something in my wallet to keep it safe, the fact I put the kettle on (twice!) and still didn’t make a cup of tea.

I had a customer email me thanking me for their quote and the info I’d given them etc, asking if we could have a follow up chat next week.

It took me half the day to remember the conversation taking place the day before. It’s surreal and it is going away day by day, but until something like that pops up I feel like my head is much clearer, I guess it’ll pass over the next week or so, just as long as I don’t forget to go to work, or where i live!

I’m hoping this next week or so will see progress on all health fronts. I have a meeting with a sleep specialist tomorrow to try and sort that mess out.

I need to see an endocrinologist in the next few weeks.

I should be 100% clear of the meds in a week or two. My hope is that by Christmas I will feel massively better.

Re-reading this through it feels a little negative with a spark of hope in it. I don’t mean for it to seem that way, I generally feel quite positive. I wake up feeling strong and happy. Lunch through to dinner seems to be the worst part for feeling ill, but the amount of time it feels weird for is getting shorter each day.

I’m excited for all the things happening between now and January. This time of year always seems to kick off with a few traditional bits that build some magic and wonder into the season. There’s always EGX, which kicks off the busy gaming period, and usually leads to me seeing Kev, Anna and Pab much more often.

An odd one is that every year ‘Simpsons Tapped Out’ ramps up the gears by releasing a Halloween update. This year is no different, it instantly made me think that all of my favourite TV shows must be back in the next 2-3 weeks.

This week alone the 4 DC Arrowverse shows are back. Once Upon a Time is back. South Park was already here, and Red Dwarf is back on Thursday. I caught up on the first episode of Modern Family Season 9, my evenings will be flowing with awesome content now each day. Hopefully that’ll help inspire some more updates. I already want to do a Red Dwarf one…

It isn’t long until The Walking Dead is back on the tele. It usually coincides with Halloween and the October London Comicon, which both coincide with my son’s birthday on Halloween too, which means my month is going to have a very busy ending. I’ve got the Wed-Fri off the week of Comicon too which is cool.

November is a bit quieter, but I have my wife’s birthday and Bonfire night to contend with, plus my son’s belated Birthday party which will be fun.

November always seems like a blur because December and Christmas monopolise this time of year for everyone. Before we know it we will be sat in mid Jan wondering where all the time went. Before then I have Christmas, New Years and my daughters 9th birthday and subsequent birthday party…

This week is a busy one at work, then at the weekend I am going to see Spurs play Bournemouth, with my dad. The next 3-6 months should be huge at work and if everything goes well I am hopeful I will be able to save up some funds to do some bits I’ve always wanted to do.

I have promised my wife I will try and save up enough for her to have an extended maternity leave with the baby. I also said that now I am beginning to feel better I might try and really ramp up writing the books and other bits that I have been putting off since first becoming ill in 2014.

I’m hopeful I can get some momentum going and make a go of it. Not least because I could really kick things into gear with some good fortune at work.

I’m going to round this one off here because I’m conscious that the blog posts about my boring life aren’t going to be all that entertaining for the majority of readers.

Thanks for reading!

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