Toy Story 4

The third Toy Story film was a beautiful ending to the trilogy. Andy goes to college, his toys are donated to a little girl down the street, and they all feel they want to go on existing even if their owners are going to grow up and abandon them.

There were whispers of a fourth film early on but no details. It seemed like they couldn’t really follow the ‘growing pains’ back drop of the first three films because having Bonnie age in the same way would just be a rehash of Andy’s story.

I read recently that the current premise of Toy Story 4 is that Buzz and Woody are heading out to rescue Bo-Peep. So I’d like to propose some ideas for what they could do with that.

I think the film would start a short while after Toy Story 3, the toys are all happy in their new lives with their new friends, being played with by the imaginative Bonnie who looks after them all well.

According to the story so far, Bo-peep and many of the other toys were sold in a garage sale.

For Woody to know she needs rescuing, he would need to receive some kind of message that let him know what was going on.

I think after the trademark start of the characters being on some wild adventure choreographed by Bonnie, the characters should settle down to their night lives, only to receive a note stating that Bo Peep has been taken hostage.

The characters have no way of finding out where she has gone, all they can know is that whoever purchased her at the sale, must live reasonably close to Andy’s house.

With that in mind, they make the decision to sneak out and head to Andy’s – it gives them an opportunity to see their old haunt and gather some clues.

They aim to just scout out the neighbouring areas, but once they’re in the garden they can’t resist sneaking in.

This would give an awesome opportunity for them to sneak around without being seen by Andy’s family – but also to see what Andy’s life is like now.

They could meet some figurines and other grown up toys that a much more mature Andy would have on a shelf, etc.

An opportunity to pick some cool new toys to include, as well as whatever Bonnie plays with now.

They could come across some of the old toys that didn’t make the collection last time, and hadn’t been spotted for the sales.

Some toys were presumably put in the attic without the gang realising, and some would’ve just fallen down the back of some furniture, lost forever.

Rocky Gibraltar, the wrestler figure, is the only one I can think of that didn’t appear in the third film, and who was a valuable part of the team.

So maybe he was left behind and during their search they come across him. I love it when writers joke by including a character that is new, but pretending that he was there during all of the major events of the films.

They must have some background characters that can step up from easter eggs to fully fledged characters here.

Rocky and the other toys can tell them how things have been since the rest of the gang left.

Give us some Epilogue on Andy’s life, and eventually give them a heads up on any garage sales that have happened since, and whether they know anything about them.

This would help Woody and the others piece together who could be holding Bo-Peep now, and with the help of the dinosaurs online, they can track down some houses on the same street that are worth exploring.

I like the idea that Bo-Peep – as more of an ornament than a Toy, was actually purchased by a little old lady.

When they break in to her house to find Bo-Peep, they find that her house is rammed with antique junk and old toys. This could make for some amazing references to old school items.

This could be a great opportunity to bring back something like GI Joe, some puppets, anything that would be justifiably found in an elderly hoarders house.

The team would search for Bo-Peep, trying to avoid capture by the lady, and not knowing who to trust as someone sent the letter out.

The ladies toys would be hostile. The GI Joes more interested in opposing Buzz and Woody and slowing them down.

Eventually we’d reach a climax where we’re introduced to the toy that wrote the letter, and see Bo-Peep from afar who has seemingly moved on from Woody and is now with someone else, oblivious of their rescue efforts.

Woody will be gutted, thinking this has all been for nothing, then he will learn where the letter came from, and why.

The toy that sent it was sick of Bo-Peep’s stories about the wonderful Woody.

They’d explored the neighbourhood to track him down and eventually got the note to him to try and trap him and potentially destroy him if he tried to break up Bo-Peeps new relationship.

They battle it out in a suitable finale to the film, before Woody is reunited with a slightly confused Bo-Peep who is amazed to see him, and outraged to discover what had been done to try and keep her from him.

She explains what her life has been like since, and that despite the stories, she thought the new Toy was good and they got on well enough.

Showing they were actually manipulative and crazy, she agrees to go home with Woody and the gang. They also find good old Weazy who comes home with them too.

Cue the finale game, Cow boy woody saving the damsel in distress in one of Bonnies epic games. The status quo has returned and Woody and Bo-Peep live happily ever after.

Tell me what you think of my plans for Toy Story 4 – what would you do? Do you think they should’ve stopped at 3? I’m excited and can’t wait to see more.

Give me some suggestions for what you’d like to see me write about.

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